13Deals – Foldable Step Stools $14.49 a 2 Pack

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From 13Deals – Foldable Step Stools

13Deals - Foldable Step Stools

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The Easy Step – Folding Step Stool is a foldable, easy-to-store step stool with literally hundreds of uses. Whether you need to reach the top of your car to clean it or place things on a high shelf, this fantastic stool can help. The compact folding step comes complete with an easy to carry handle so you can carry it to and from quickly and easily. The Folding Step Stool is perfect to have around the house for all the family to use. Hundreds of uses – cleaning, reaching, lifting, sitting, storing, outdoor use & many more! Handy, sturdy, super tough and durable, very easy to store around the house. Get a great deal on a 2-pack right now from 13Deals:

$14.49 for 2 or just $7.25 each, shipped free! Retails for $44.98; SAVE 68%

This 13Deals Item Features:
  • Foldable step stool is easy to use and transport
  • 300 Lbs capacity
  • Perfect for cleaning, reaching, lifting, sitting, storing, outdoor use & many more!
  • Colors and shapes may vary
  • Stools are 8″ x 11″ x 9″ tall

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