15 DIY Gifts in a Jar

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15Gifts in a Jar Collage1
With money being tight in many households this Holiday season, what better way to give gifts than something you can lovingly create yourself? In fact, you can make any one of these 15 DIY gifts in a jar and they will be as good or better quality than what you would buy in the store and for a fraction of the price! These are great for family, friends and would make especially awesome teachers’ gifts! I can’t wait to hear your feedback so that you can tell us which is your favorite! In addition to all of the great ideas, you can also score free printable mason jar labels!   I have included links to a few options for jars from Amazon in case you need to order.  Based on pricing, I could make a dozen of any one of these for what it would cost me to buy one in the stores!

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