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My 2012 Resolutions


Like quite a few people each year, I make a new year’s resolutions. Do I normally stick to the resolution? Nope. 🙂 Yes, I am one of those people who hopes, wishes, desires, begs, and prays, but I never complete my part of the deal. How am I ever supposed to resolve something if there is little effort on my part? I tell myself that I will lose some weight, read more educational books, learn how to crochet, stop watching silly reality TV, etc… But, a few weeks later, I am back to my old habits. This year has be different. This year will be different.  So, what makes 2012 so special? Well, I will not be making any resolutions this year. Yup, I said it – NONE!

A Resolution is too fancy of a word for me, so I have decided to make goals for myself instead. Sure, you might think I am just replacing one word with another, but that is not true! For me, resolutions have always been something scary and mind altering – like a complete transformation from one thing to another. Doesn’t that sound scary? It does to me. 🙂 So, goals will be my theme this year, and they will be a lot less frightening because they will be done in phases instead of in “one time shots” like I think of resolutions to be. I have tons of goals for 2012, and will work on each a little bit at a time, instead of killing myself trying to be Little Miss Perfect.

My Completely Random Goals for 2012 Resolutions

  • Poof away a few pounds every month – Healthiness is my main goal this year
  • Read one awesome/educational book a month – It’s time to put my new Kindle Fire to good use
  • Smile while driving – Everyone always looks so grumpy when they are driving, including me
  • Learn to keep my mouth shut at times – I tend to talk like a sailor when I get worked up, and I know it needs to stop
  • Eat food with my non-dominant (left hand) – I read that this helps decrease food consumption by up to 30%
  • Meditate every day – In any form, meditation can be very relaxing and will hopefully help with my sanity
  • Use the Wii for more than watching Netflix movies – Haha, this is really not that funny but oh so true
  • Keep up with organizing coupons every week – I am human, and sometimes get way behind
  • Travel somewhere I have never been before – It doesn’t have to be far, just somewhere new
  • Use the elliptical at least 3 times a week – It is currently being used as a coat rack 🙂
My first goal will be to not overwhelm myself with so many goals! Although some of my goals may be silly, they are still something I would like to improve on as the year progresses.


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  1. Randi Greene says

    1. Get more organized with my coupons and start seriously planning shopping trips.
    2. Start weekly menus and stick to them.
    3. Lose a little more weight or at least maintain what I have already done (40 pounds in the last year).
    4. Call my Grandma once a week. I don’t talk to her as often as I should and at 87, she may not be around much longer for me to talk to.
    5. Read more.
    6. Plan a budget and stick to it.
    7. Learn something new.

    • 40lbs lost in the last year? AWESOME! Your #4 touched home with me. I lost my grandma a few years ago and although I truly believe I did everything I could to let her know I loved her, there is still that “what if” I deal with on a daily basis. What if I stopped by her house more, or what if I asked her if she needed anything from the grocery store. “What if” is not fun. I hope you pull through with that resolution, and I am sure you grandma feels the same way. 🙂

  2. I’ve got the menu thing. I need to stop chasing every single deal and begin to cherry pick and live within my means. I’m thinking about buying a gift card every month to the grocery I shop at and when the card is empty the shopping stops. This is to mimic the Ramsey method without having a bunch of cash lying around. What do you guys think?

    • I can’t tell you how many times I ventured to the store in the middle of the night to get that one deal I THOUGHT I had to have. Not only did doing this play with my sanity in a negative way, but I also realized how expensive my “money-saving” trips became by spending so much on gas! I think the gift card idea would work awesome, or maybe just setting a weekly cash allowance?

  3. Shanna Hartwell says

    I love the thought of goals and not resolutions. They seem more achievable that way!!

    • Yes, I’m hoping it’ll work for me! I get a bit lazy when it comes to resolutions/goals, but I am hoping 2012 is different.

  4. Vicki Oliver says

    i got a giggle out of the use the wii for watching more than netflix. i had to brush the dust off my wii tonight to weigh myself and get a zumba workout in.

    • Vicki, it is so true! I’m a sucker for good Netflix movies, but I KNOW it’s time to dig out the Wii Fit Board and get started! Which Zumba game do you have? I only have the Wii Fit Plus, but am always looking for good suggestions.

  5. I posted on my facebook wall yesterday that my resolution was “not to have any resolutions and just live life to the fullest. I am going to make a list this week of “goals i would like to achieve this year so THANK you for posting this. I thought I was the only one thinking this way =]

  6. Stick to our new budget we made and to stay organized!! Plus to drink more water!

  7. Love it!

  8. I like goals better too.

  9. I love the goal “Eat food with my non-dominant (left hand) – I read that this helps decrease food consumption by up to 30%” I am going to try that.

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