School Supply Stock Up Prices for 2015

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 2015 School Supply Stock Up Prices
ItemPricing - Each
Backpacks, Basic$2.99
Backpacks, Brand Name50% Off
Batteries AA/AAA$0.15 - $0.25 per battery
Binder, Flex/Poly$0.25 - $0.50
Binder, Regular 1 inch$0.75 - $0.90
Chalkboard Chalk, 12ct$0.50
Colored Pencils, Crayola$0.99
Colored Pencils, Generic$0.25
Combination Lock, Masterlock$3.00 - $3.50
Compass Tool$0.10 - $0.25
Composition Notebook$0.10 - $0.25
Construction Paper, 80+ sheets$1.00
Copy/Printer Paper Ream$0.01 (with rebate)
Crayons, 24ct$0.25
Dictionary, pocket$1.00
Disinfecting Wipes, 35ct+$1.50
Divider Tabs, 5ct$0.25
Dry Erase Board, 8.5 x 11$2.50
Dry Erase Markers$0.20 - $0.25
Erasers, Pink Rubber$0.15 - $0.25
Filler Notebook Paper, 80+ sheets$0.25
Glue Sticks$0.10
Glue, Liquid School, 4oz$0.15
Graph Paper$1.00
Hand Sanitizer, 8oz$0.99
Hole Punch, 3-hole$1.00
Hole Punch, Single$0.50
Index Cards, 3 x 5$0.25
Markers, Crayola 10ct$0.75
Markers, Generic 10ct$0.25
Mechanical Pencils, 5ct+$0.25
Paper Clips, 50ct+$0.25
Pencil Box, plastic$0.50
Pencil Cap Erasers, 5ct+$0.01
Pencil Sharpener, Battery$5.00
Pencil Sharpener, Manual$0.20
Pencil Slider Case$0.10
Pencils, Generic Wooden$0.02
Pens, 5ct+$0.15
Permanent Markers$0.20
Portfolios, 2-pocket Paper$0.05
Post-It Note Dispenser$3.00
Posterboard, 22 x 28$0.29
Protractor Tool$0.10
Putty, 2oz$1.00
Reinforcement Circle Labels, 200ct+$1.00
Rubber Bands, 50ct+$0.25
Ruler, Plastic$0.05 - $0.10
Ruler, Wooden$0.25
Scissors, Full Sized$0.50 - $0.75
Scissors, Kid Sized$0.25
Spiral Notebook, 1 Subject$0.05 - $0.18
Stapler, Compact Stand-up$3.00
Stapler, Full Sized$5.00
Stapler, Mini$1.00
Sticky Notes, Generic, 3x3, 90-100ct$0.60
Sticky Notes, Post-It, 3x3, 45ct$0.40
Sticky Notes, Post-It, 3x3, 90ct$0.80
Tape, Clear Roll$0.35
Tissue Box$0.50 - $0.75
USB 2.0 16GB$5.99
White Correction Fluid$0.25 - $0.50
White Correction Tape$0.75 - $1.00
Zippered Pencil Pouch, Fabric$0.75 - $1.00
Zippered Pencil Pouch, Plastic$0.40 - $0.50

Back to School Savings Tips:

  • Back to School Sales and Deals begin in mid-July and usually end in early September.
  • Be sure to combine coupons with sales to score the best savings.
  • Stock Up when you find the basics on sale. Purchase paper, pencils, notebooks mid-school year will be very costly.
  • You will quite often find great prices on backpacks AFTER school starts. Stores will begin to clear out unsold Back to School Backpacks. if you do not locate any great deals, consider holding off on purchasing your backpack.
  • Teachers will quite often include very difficult to find items. If you find that you have not located that special item after checking a couple different stores be sure to shop online. My favorite place to go to is Amazon!


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