Used Dryer Sheets – 25 Uses for Them

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used dryer sheetsWhat do you do with your used dryer sheets?

How many of us use dryer sheets in our laundry each time? And how many of us just toss them out once our load is finished? If you’re like most people, that’s exactly what you do too. I admit it. I throw them out. Or, at least I used to.

We here at The Coupon Wizards are all about frugality and saving money. We’re constantly out there searching for innovative ideas for keeping our hard earned cash and recycling is just one of the many ways we do just that. So I got to thinking. With all the many uses for various things around the house, both new and used, there must be some way to re-purpose all these dryer sheets I use every week in my laundry. Rather than just tossing them, there should be something else I can use them for, before relegating them to the landfill. Well there is.

After doing some research, I discovered not just one or two, but many uses for used dryer sheets. Some of them surprising, some of them, “Why didn’t I think of that before?” All of them useful though, for completing or improving everyday tasks around the house. So without further adieu, my top 25 uses for all those used dryer sheets:

25 Uses for Used Dryer Sheets

1) Getting off the burnt bits stuck to pots & pans. Stick a used dryer sheet inside the pan full of hot water. Let it soak overnight. By morning, all the softening and anti-static agents in the dryer sheet will have dislodged the burnt bits from the pan and it will clean up with ease.

2) Keep used dryer sheets in your purse during the winter months and when your hair gets to flying away, rub the sheet on your tresses and the static will disappear.

3) Use one to both clean up and repel dust anywhere you don’t want harsh chemicals from dusting spray (or for that matter, feathers). Places such as your television screen, electronic appliances, computer screen, your eyeglasses (stay away from plastic though) or the dashboard and control panels of your car. Simply wipe the surface with a dryer sheet and it will not only easily pick up dust, but it will help to control it too.

4) Speaking of cars, if you have a problem with bugs, like we Floridians and our love bugs, during the summer months, you can utilize used dryer sheets to get the bugs off. Simply wet a used dryer sheet and wipe down the affected areas. The dead buggies will wipe off with ease.

5) Not only is the dryer sheet useful in keeping the static at bay, but it’s also useful once you take your clothes out. Use the sheet to wipe around the drum of the dryer to snag all the little bits of lint and in my case, fur, that didn’t make it to the lint trap.

6) Take a used dryer sheet and rub it around the bowl of a freshly cleaned toilet. This will help to repel all those irksome water ring stains.

7) While you’re in the bathroom, take another sheet and polish the chrome fixtures. They’ll shine up good as new! Also, use one to wipe down your glass shower doors. Like with the toilet, this will help to repel future soap scum.

8) Is your house being invaded by little mieces? Find out where the mice are entering and plug up the hole(s) with used dryer sheets. The mice won’t eat through all those odors and yucky chemicals. Of course this is a temporary measure. Until the trapper and carpenter get there 😉

9) Fabric softener sheets are great at cleaning up seemingly microscopic particles from products such as talcum powder, flour and corn starch. Next time you have a spill, try picking up the mess with one of these. Works like a charm.

10) I’ve heard this works, but doesn’t do it for me. Maybe you’ll have better luck sticking a sheet in your pocket or through a belt loop the next time your outdoors and the bugs are out. I’m told a dryer sheet will help to repel mosquitoes and no-see-ums. Some people also rub a sheet over their skin for extra protection.

11) Stinky sneakers or shoes? Stick used dryer sheets down inside overnight and the yucky odors will be replaced with a sweet smell by morning.

12) Wipe down the baseboards in your home with used dryer sheets to quickly clean up hair, dust, fur and other dirt. The anti-static properties will help to repel future dirt & dust too.

13) Along the same line as mosquito repellent, tuck a few sheets on hangers throughout closets to control pesky bugs amongst your things.

14) Use sheets to freshen up drawers, laundry hampers, couch cushions, luggage, etc. Anywhere in your home where a little freshening could be used. Stuff one inside the toilet paper roll. A burst of fragrance with every spin!

15) Try sticking a couple under the seats of your cars too. The warmth of a closed up car will help to activate and dispense the pleasant odors.

16) When dressing, rub a dryer sheet over your legs, or anywhere static is a problem, to keep your clothes and/or hose from sticking to you. You know, that embarrassing static cling.

17) Keep your thread from tangling by rubbing it down with a dryer sheet before you start sewing.

18) Easily pick up pet hair from your clothing or furniture. Wipe with a dryer sheet and the fur will cling to it, coming off of the material you’re wiping down.

19) Place a used dryer sheet inside the bag of your vacuum. The fresh-smelling fragrance will dispense as you push it around the room.

20) Have a few purses laying around? Save up your used dryer sheets and use them to stuff the purses when you’re not using them. It will help them to keep their structure.

21) Wipe the blades of your shears with a fabric sheet to help them cut smoother.

22) Place a used sheet inside every furnace or A/C register in your home to help keep out dust and other contaminants. Make sure the entire opening is covered (tape 2 or 3 together if you must) and change them out each time they get dirty. This will also help emit a pleasant fragrance throughout the house every time the unit comes on.

23) Have some books laying around that have gotten that musty odor? Stick the book and a fabric sheet inside a sealed plastic bag. Within a couple days, that musty odor will have abated.

24) Keep your window blinds clean longer by wiping them down with used dryer sheets. Those anti-static properties come to the rescue again by helping to repel dust.

25) Dryer sheets are great at dusting wood furniture too. Try it the next time you dust. You just may be ready to give up all those sprays before you know it.

There you have it. My Top 25 ways to use all those used dryer sheets once they’ve served their purpose in my laundry. Some of these I’ve just discovered and haven’t tested yet. Like the register one. I can’t wait to give that one a try. Which ones are you interested in giving a whirl? Leave a comment and let us know. Also, if you have any other uses that you want to contribute, leave a message so we can all learn. We’re always interested in tips from our Wiz Kidz. You never know. It just might be you that comes up with the next great idea!

Until next time, Shop Happy ~ Michele


  1. I just used one on my crock pot. I was trying to scrub that baked on food off with a scrubber sponge and it just wouldn’t come off. Tried a used dryer sheet and it came off easily.

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