$3.00 Nabisco Coupons: End to Couponing as we Know it?

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Nabisco Coupon

Nabisco Cookies & Crackers

I am sure that plenty of you think that the end of the world is coming!  After all, the $3/3 Nabisco coupons are nearly out of supply in any reasonably priced online store.  Seriously, I don’t think any of us will be able to live another day without a free pack of crackers or Oreo-to-go. They have never run this coupon before and they will never run it again, right?  NO!  As a seasoned couponer, it is actually entertaining to sit back and watch how different people react when they don’t get a coupon that someone else has.  When their paper is missing something, but my paper had it.  Isn’t it amazing to see the power of the internet in today’s couponing era?  I can’t imagine Carol Brady picking up the phone in the 70’s and calling her friends to find out if they had the hot coupon.  If she did, I can’t imagine her freaking out about it like a teenage girl the first time the Beatles were on the Ed Sullivan Show!

The Nabisco Coupon Will Come Around Again

Honestly, it’s going to be OK.  That Nabisco coupon runs multiple times a year.  It will be out at least two more times before the final bell tolls on 2012.  With that in mind, let me offer you a suggestion. LOOK IN YOUR STORE!  When you are shopping, take a gander at shelf and off shelf displays.  There are tear pads – a -plenty right now because salty snack manufacturers want to capitalize on the Superbowl.  If you don’t see tear pads for this type of product in the cracker section or off shelf display, take a look in your dairy department.  One thing that people eat with crackers is cheese!  I can’t tell you the number of times I have seen people market salty snacks next to the dips that we tend to lather them with.

If all else fails, WAIT.  The coupons will come back around.  Many, if not all, of the deals that people are getting with these coupons are on regular priced items.  It’s not like we need to have the perfect storm of a hot sale price and the Holy Grail of coupons.  If a deal ends this week, you can be certain that it will show back up again in the coming months.

Keep Your Cool Over Coupons

I don’t let my blood pressure get up over coupons.  I know the deals will come back around and I know there are other places to find them. Trust me on this. While we get so consumed with the one coupon that we didn’t get, we end up missing hot deals on the ones that are staring us in the face. ~David


  1. Jamie Gonzalez says

    Wanted to simply say “Good Article” but I was told that it was enough words to post.

  2. Jamie Gonzalez says

    I meant to say wasn’t* enough words to post

  3. The liquor department at my grocery store had tons of snack coupons there over the holidays.

  4. Susan Clark says

    Well said. I only used my 10 coupons that I had. If I used anymore than that I would gain weight that I DON”T want. LOL

  5. How are you using the coupons? do you buy the smallest thing to get full benafit out of the coupons? i clip 2 papers a week and am on a coupon train also. I am not saving that much money though sadly. I feel like i am carring a binder for nothing sometimes. then today I went to target and left my binder on the desk STUPID! any suggestions would be helpful. most of my coupons are for cleaning supplies and health and beauty items

  6. Lindsay miller says

    Such a true article! I to have been one of those irritated people wishing I had a particular coupon, but I have learned it all works out in the end.

  7. The sky is not falling on couponers. We need to remember that big manufacturers actually need coupons to move their products.

  8. Great article…..Thanks to the wizards…

  9. Amen!! lol, I find it funny. I was happy to get my 6 (and very happy my walmart took them) then was happy to see I could get 10 more so I could donate to the local shelter.

    And I’ll be happy to get more when they come around again in a few months.

  10. Elaine Spink says

    David, Thank you for another informative article. I remember when i first started i was so excited about shopping, i forgot to look for any tear pads. i always look now though!!

  11. Gail Devine says

    Love it. This coupon frenzy we see from time to time on specific items makes me think about politics. The manufacture has some staff part of the couponing groups and they set rumor mill on fire. People start to freakout because they NEED that coupon now. The manufactures reap the rewards and yes down the road the coupon reappears, but in a different fashion. I have yet to receive my coupon, but the person requesting it from me has to have it while the sales are on, but doesn’t the sales get better the closer you get to the Superbowl? Oh well, when I hope to get my inserts today, maybe tomorrow but honestly I have no time to shop for the rest of the week so it doesn’t matter right now.

  12. If there is one thing I’ve learned since I’ve been couponing effectively it’s that their will always be another deal! I’m not missing out if I don’t get the coupon this time. Great article!!

  13. Very well said… Im so glad that i found this site more and more everyday 🙂

  14. LMBO. Thank you for this article. So true with people going crazy over this!!

  15. Melinda Mungo says

    It amazes me when people get so angry over a coupon or go crazy like it is the end of the world! Great read! I always love your write ups 🙂

  16. Brings back memories of the frantic Couponers over the $3/1 Nivea coupons last year.

  17. Rebecca S. says

    love this, its so true! when i first started using coupons about a year ago i was so worked up about not getting the *good* coupons, and now im just like it doesnt matter that much!

  18. FANTASTIC. THank you so much for your witty and honest info and outlook. 🙂

  19. And if everyone just takes a big breath, it will all work out. Love it!

  20. Thanks for the article, so true.

  21. Christine Smatlak says

    Great article. I think I’m stocked up on these for awhile.

  22. Thanks for the chuckles! Carol Brady?? LOL

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