3 New Years Resolutions for Every Couponer

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Couponers New Years Resolutions

New Years ResolutionAs Christmas approaches and we think forward to 2012, every couponer should be making their New Years Resolutions.  I have taken the last week myself to look back over the past year and determine what we could have done to make our household’s financial position even better.  We are certainly at the mercy of the manufacturers to release great coupons.  We are held captive by the stores to make sure that the sales are good and the couponing policies easy to read and follow.  We pray that retailers will remain coupon friendly and even hope that maybe they will put an emphasis on training their employees to realize that coupons are GOOD for business!  Those are the things that are out of our control.  What are you going to do about the things you can control?  Here are my suggestions:


Make a Commitment for Consistency

Many people try to “time” when to buy papers.  They try to buy more on the weeks when there are more inserts in the paper.  While this may seem like you are coming out ahead at face value, I would LOVE to know how many sales and stockpile prices are missed because papers weren’t purchased on a week that there was only one LOADED Smartsource insert.  If you aren’t consistent in your approach, the only thing that will be consistent is that you don’t save to your potential.  It’s that simple.

New Years Resolution – Make it a Priority to Plan

New Years Resolution - Tracking

If you don’t currently plan out your shopping trips using a spreadsheet or “old-fashioned” list, you are missing dollars.  Actually, you are missing hundreds of dollars.  While there are certainly people out there that are able to compute, remember and recall prices, quantities and tax, the overwhelming majority of the population has not been blessed with this gift.  If you use a spreadsheet, it will tell you what you should save before you ever walk out your door.  If you realize that an item on your sheet is not a good savings, you have the chance to make an educated decision to adjust your quantities on the front end.  We all know that when we get in the store we have enough of a problem fighting stray items from making their way into our carts.  Let’s not “plan” for them to be there.  Make your planning a priority.

Become Tenacious at Tracking!

Tracking your savings is something that requires serious tenacity.  It only takes skipping one receipt and your year- to- date numbers are out the window.  By tracking your “planned” purchases, you can see the issues you may have with execution of your plan.  You can also see how you are tracking versus your budget!  If you aren’t tracking, you are missing just as much opportunity as the people who aren’t planning.  Your plan is your benchmark.  Your tracking is your report card.  If you don’t build in this measure of accountability, you should just chalk your couponing up as another hobby.

Bonus New Years Resolution

Here’s a bonus nugget for those of you that feel like you are already on track with the other items:  Make 2012 the Year of Cash.  Make it a goal to only spend cash on your purchases at the store.  I am willing to bet that if you follow the three tips above and this bonus nugget, you will cut your household’s expense load on the grocery expense line item by 50%.  I can say that with complete confidence because by spending cash, you have a built in spending limit!  Set your budget, pull out your cash for groceries, toiletries and cosmetics and when the money is gone, it’s gone!

This is your year!  This is your time to turn the corner!  Become a student of the game!  Immerse yourself in as much information as you can and spend as much time as you need to gather confidence in the basics. Commit to these New Years Resolutions Today! Once you have the basics down, you will be will on your way to having a successful and cash-filled 2012!



  1. I have to say because of the CouponWizard this is the first year we have not struggled like we have in the past. I don’t make much and my hubby is on disability and we have 3 teenagers. I actually had to take a pretty big paycut this year, but to be honest, I think we did better this year than last when I had the extra income. I owe all this to learning to coupon from the Wizards. My Grocery bill was cut by 60% on average, many times it far exceeds that. I can’t thank you enough for all the help all the Wizards give to help us save. LOVE YOU GUYS Merry Christmas

    • Love to hear stories like this Rebekah! It’s amazing really how fast the money goes when it’s in abundance and we’re not careful. When we have to stretch our dollars is when we save the most it seems. Not only because we have to, but because we’re watching where every penny goes, it becomes a real eye-opener where we’ve been wasteful in the past. Keep up the good work and here’s to an even more prosperous 2012!

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