A PEEK into Wizard Melissa’s Stockpile(s)!

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Wizard Melissa’s Stockpile


How many of you stand in front of your stockpile and admire it? Come on. Admit it!

I’m PROUD of mine, so I totally do! I organize it, and straighten it and brag about it and show it to everyone who comes over! Yep, I’m a proud couponer!!  My KIDS even want to show their friends when they come over! They enjoy heading down stairs to the “Grocery Store” to grab snacks or things for dinner.

How Long I’ve Been Doing This

I have only been couponing for ONE YEAR. Yes, 365 days. When I started, I didn’t realize:
1.) How empowering it would be (to provide for my family in this way)
2.) How the “Wizard” way would click with me (It was easier for me to understand the Coupon Wizard’s explanations of how and why we need to do this, than other bloggers.)

So, before I started my stockpile, I researched and listened and prepared. But, I don’t think I was fully prepared for it to actually work, or for THIS to be the result. With my stockpiles, I can provide for my family for over one year.  We do not have to shop for things other than perishable items and things to replenish.  Because of the way we have changed shopping and used money over this last year, we have gained not only a couple of stockpiles, but more family time (My husband does not have to work as much!), a stronger budget which has resulted in boosted savings accounts and paid off bills, and more opportunity in the way of activities (big trips planned~ and money already in the bank!) Who knew learning how to make a stockpile or two would actually save so much money?

How My Stockpile (should I say stockpiles) Break Down:

Melissa Stockpile Laundry StuffMy Cleaning/Laundry and Food stockpiles are in the basement of our home. We live in a home that was built by a famous Doctor, Dr. Earl Wood, in 1927.  This means several things. First, we have a house full of “charming” nooks and crannies, and we have a “basement basement.” Nothing is finished down there, so we need to think of that when storing things.  We need to be conscience of keeping things up off the floor, and keep an eye on temperatures. Interestingly enough, in 1927, this “space” was a canning cellar, evolved to a wine cellar, but now houses my families “food” stockpile.  Many ask what my green tape “prices” are for in my stockpile. My boys like to play STORE and that is how much each item on the shelf costs with their play money 🙂  OR, they sometimes tell me that I need to pay for supplies for dinner…..I’ve paid (barely) once~ so Mommy gets to shop for free this time! 🙂

I keep the air freshener and boxes of dryer sheets opened. This helps with any musty smells, and moisture.  This space stays generally colder, so that helps with preservation. We do make sure to rotate every time we add items and we keep an eye on expiration dates.  If you could see the amount of items we have in here, you would notice that they are not HUGE. It is only a sustainable amount for my family.

You Can Have a Stockpile Too

I hope you enjoyed some of the thinks I do with my Stockpile. Try some of my ideas yourself and see how you like it. My message to you is to LISTEN and TRUST that you can do this, too!! It was not difficult at all when we made the decision to change our ways! Keep your eye out for my Health and Beauty Stockpile tour, soon!~



  1. Shanna Hartwell says

    I love peeking into other people’s stockpiles! It does make mine look so bare right now lol But we have been pretty much living off of it since the end of October. I’m beginning to feel like Old Mother Hubbard! Time to get my butt in gear and refill the shelves!

  2. Noelle Linden says

    Sighs with envy ;.) Only couponing a few months and I don’t even know if mine can be called a stockpile yet…..

  3. I too like to see others and makes mine look small but it works for me and really I don’t know where I’d put much more. Thanks for letting me be a voyeur for a little while though.

  4. Thanks for the stockpile porn!!! LOVE seeing other people’s coupon skills results!!

  5. LOVE IT !!!!! GREAT JOB !!!!!

  6. jacci leslie says

    Love it- Sometimes I wish I had a place to keep it all together, other times I am glad that it is a lot of mini stockpiles

  7. Coupon Erin says

    Love It! Very organized!

  8. Awesome stockpile. We don’t have basements in CA (at least most houses) so it’s hard for me to find places to put mine. 980 sq foot house makes for some creative organization.

  9. As always, great job Melissa! We live in a small house right now, but are planning on moving to someplace bigger this year, and I totally plan on commandeering a section of our basement and telling my husband to fill it with shelves for our forthcoming stockpile!

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