About The Wizards

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The Coupon Wizards is a group of thirty somethings in different geographies across the United States that basically has gotten sick and tired of being sick and tired.  With a goal to become debt free through the reduction of monthly expenses and the re-deployment of free cash to killing our debt loads, we decided to find a different way.  Couponing is fun, it is contagious, it is work, but most importantly it is a lifestyle.  It is our intent to help you transform your family tree by learning the techniques we have used to live the “couponing” lifestyle.  If you are a casual observer, welcome!  A word of warning though, we are a contagious group.  You can’t help but love us, and subsequently our deals.
Our company was founded by a recovering retail manager. After 10 years of working for grocery stores and big box retailers, we have decided to share the secret sauce of savings with you!  The coupon wizards will share the best of the best deals with you every day. We will also provide you with the tools and resources that you need to learn how to have the best shopping trips possible. We have been blessed with an ability to find good deals and save nationwide.   Our website and Facebook Fan Page is our way of giving back!

The Coupon Wizards was founded by David & Andrea Carothers from Tampa, FL along with their good friends Ryan and Kim Kraus. While much has changed since the beginning the one constant has been David and Andrea’s leadership on the page. David and Andrea have a passion for teaching others to save by working together.  By sharing the principles for household budgeting and saving that they employ in their own relationship, David & Andrea have helped numerous couples learn to save money through the effective use of coupons.  David and Andrea conduct a variety of online seminars as well as on-site workshops to teach other couples how to save.  Not only will you learn to shop more effectively, but you will learn to work together as a cohesive team that will take your savings to the next level.  Through increased savings and a defined monthly household budget, you will then be well on your way down the road to financial freedom.  We trust that you will find the information contained in this site valuable and rewarding.  We look forwarding to sharing in your journey with you as many of you have shared in ours. 


My name is Michele. I’m originally from Cortland N.Y., about 30 miles south of Syracuse. I came down to Fort Lauderdale in 1991 to thaw out and loved the weather so much, I decided to stay! I graduated college in 1993 with a Paralegal degree and entered the Federal Government three months later, where I worked for 10 years. In 2004, in the midst of hurricane season, I took a leap of faith and resigned from my cushy government job to help my husband with his insurance adjusting business, which we’ve been doing together ever since. He’s an insurance adjuster and I’m his “staff.” In 2007 I got bored of just doing insurance and decided to put all my secretarial/admin knowledge to work in a different way & started my own Virtual Assistant business; Y B Without.

In March of this year, while doing some research for a client, I discovered The Coupon Wizards and was hooked; a new Wiz Kid was born! I’ve been “couponing as a hobby” ever since I started fending for myself, but have only recently become serious, and made it my new way of life, since finding the Wizards. When I started seeing our grocery bill go down and down, well let’s just say, clipping a few coupons from one Sunday paper every week was no longer going to cut it (no pun intended :-))! When David asked me to be an admin a few weeks ago I was thrilled. Now, not only do I have the opportunity to learn from the best, but I will be able to share all I’ve learned/am learning, with all of you.

I currently live in Valrico, Florida with my husband and our three fuzzy kids – three cats. My husband was offered an “inside” position he couldn’t refuse a bit ago, so my insurance career came to a close, but our couponing as a way of life is still going strong. I look forward to sharing my experiences and knowledge with all of you, and I look forward to seeing everyone slash their grocery bills, share their great deals and come together to make this the best educational couponing site on the Web!

Stores in my area I shop are Publix, Winn Dixie, Aldi, Pets-Mart, Petco, Pet Supermarket, Walmart, Target, CVS & Walgreens.

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