Wizard Adventures of a Beginning Couponer

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Wizard Melissa Adventures

I have been couponing for approximately 9 months.

No, not 9 years. Nine months.

Ready for some adventures with a couponista? I had heard friends talking about scoring big with coupons, but I didn’t realize how amazing it was until I was with a friend at Walgreens. She got her entire purchase for about $5, and then got money back!  I stayed up that night trying to figure out HOW she did it. Somehow I happened upon this site with this silly Wizard…….and began reading about Couponing Magic.  Really?  Okay.  I kept reading.  I don’t know if it was the “FREE” information that was provided on the Coupon Wizard site, or the “matter of fact” way of the explanations that really spoke to me. Whatever it was,  it CLICKED.  It made SENSE. Could it really be THAT easy??  Well, I decided to give it a try. BUT, before I did, I followed the “Wizarding Rules” and read all of the articles, listened in on live webinars provided by David Carothers, and each time I did, I got a bit more confidant.  I decided to go with the BINDER method of storing my coupons, and was able to obtain the Insert Insanity Coupon Inserts early on……I ordered 4.  I was scared!

Wizard Adventures

I am not a math wiz for these adventures. I cannot balance a checkbook. I cannot even barely use a calculator. So the “math” part of this couponing thing scared me.  I had the luxury of having my husband sit with me and talk to me about the “numbers” part of it. He explained the BOGO sales, and the calculations within couponing (Yes, they are easy, but not for me.)

So, I obsessed about my first shopping trip. Clipped ALL of my coupons, went over the ad matchups and packed up the binder.  Of course my husband accompanied me because I was nervous about the math part, and, he’s a 6’2″, 240lb, tatooed, bald man that could serve as my “Couponing” Bodyguard if I got any flack from the checkout lane.  He also held my coupons.

WE headed into the store, and I concealed my coupons like I was getting ready to rob the store. I was also THAT nervous! My cart was filled, my husband calculated, and my heart raced.  And then, here came the checkout lane.  I’ve heard many talk about “Cashier Profiling” but I have to say, I did.  I chose a nice looking young man, maybe college age…..he wouldn’t care about coupons? Would he??  Well, as he started scanning my items, and I watched my total go higher and higher, I thought I might lose it…………BUT, to my delight, he grabbed my stack of coupons, and had just as much fun watching my total decrease as I did!!! WOW!!! What a feeling!!!  I was so excited with myself, and I had my husband snap this photo of me after I “boutiqued” my purchase on my kitchen floor!

$72 paid. $170 saved! Yes, $240 grocery bill!  What an amazing feeling!
I think I sent this photo to everyone I knew, posted it to Facebook and looked at it 100 times.  I was so proud of myself that I could do this for my family.
Since that first trip, I have come a long way, in MANY WAYS.  I’m providing for my family in a way that I could not do before. I save more money than I could ever make if I were to have a job, and the best part about it is that my husband, who used  to HAVE to work a few extra shifts per pay check, chooses to work if he wants to.

In 9 months time, the shopping trip pictured above, has turned into this:

Wizard Adventures

I am NOT an “Extreme Couponer” or “One of Those People”. I am a mom and a wife, who cares enough about her family to learn how to do this. And, I thank the COUPON WIZARDS, and David Carothers for the guidance.  I’m so glad I happened upon the Coupon Wizard Website…………for if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be a WIZARD 🙂  I challenge you all to have these adventures for yourself and your family. Start small, follow the “Wizarding Rules” and see how successful you can be, too! ~ Melissa



  1. Great story!! Congrats! Looks good!

  2. LOVE this-well done!

  3. Thanks for the inspiration as a ” beginner” I need all the help I can get

  4. Thank you for sharing. That is really sweet how your husband helps you. Mine thinks I am nuts! But he does enjoy seeing me excited when I bring home all this stuff that I have got for next to nothing.

  5. Great story, you explained the feeling to a T. I made some mistakes starting out and would get home and read up more. I say I still learned from my mistakes. I stumbled across this site from another friend Jody and her comments about not being able to join in on the webinars. Curious to what she was talking about and starting going to the page more and more. Can not thank David and all the Wizards for what I have learned.

  6. I felt the same way when I came across this website. It tells us what we need to know and how to do it. I use a few other sites but always come here for the main info and guidance!! This is the only site I usually refer people to, because the others will only complicate things for a beginner.

  7. I love this article! Great job! Thanks for sharing! I coupon just like you and am not an extreme couponer by any means!

  8. shay perez says

    awesome story.

  9. Gale Kelly says

    Be proud of yourself Melissa! Enjoyed reading your story:)

  10. Stormy Matlick says

    Awesome article! This will hopefully also help those that I tell about the wizards! Congrats!

  11. Denise Gray says

    Outstanding story…I think everyone of us felt the same starting out. Sometimes I still do. I’ve been couponing seriously for about 7 months now and it still amazes me that I’ve managed to build a decent stockpile. My elderly parents have moved in with us and it’s been a blessing to have everything we would need on hand,and not worry about running out. Thank you so much for sharing with us and keep up the good work.

  12. Cheryl Chicki says

    Awesome article!

  13. I am so Happy for you…. However I am trying to use my coupons as well but where I live the cashiers are rude, Nasty, As if it is coming straight from there pockets Literally…… I guess some ppl do not understand there
    are families that are in need of saving money, and treat ppl the way that they would like to be treated!! I am From Goshen Oh, I usually go to a Walgreen, and a CVS in Mt Repose I stooped over 5 corp. calls and nothing was done over it, I am not 1 of the people that clear out the shelf’s at 1 visit either, I may buy 3 or 4 at the most!!!!! Though that is 4 days after the AD has come out because someone has done cleared the shelf’s!
    I do some what blame the ppl that clear the shelf’s, this is rude and eventually they will stop it all together over this~ Sad but true always a few ppl have to ruin if for the ones that are just trying to survive!
    I am Happy for you, Maybe someday I will find a store that treats PPL with Respect..

  14. that is so great !!!! I was nocked down to part time . trying to figure out what to do ? I have 3 families living in my house , daughter ,son in law , grandson , and the rest in laws and their kids , total of 11 . i know it is crazy , but I have manage to feed this house hold on a small budget . it has its ups and downs , but over time it is coming together. i have to say the coupon wizard and his helpers know their stuff and i am thankful for that. I love seeing stories like this . for i think we all have our own when starting out.

  15. Congrats, not an extreme couponer they drive me crazy b/c you have to wait on them doing a billizion damn coupons meanwhile some of us have a life! If you spend more than 1 hr doing coupons, then you need a life! Plus you’re wasting time that you could be spending w/ur family

  16. Jennifer Adams says

    I remember my small deal. I always coupon but would buy the stuff when I got the coupon. Now I wait until it goes in sale. My very first deal that got me hooked was Old Spice body wash at Walgreen @ BOGO and had a coupon BOGO. Yes I got them both free. Had to buy something else because I felt guilty because I go them free. I was “LEGAL” shoplifting. I’ve made tons of mistake, I had a cashier not scanning my coupon and didn’t notice until I got home. I don’t usually complain, but had to go back because it was for $4.99. I once didn’t give then $8 worh of coupons. I get excited when I get everything close to free. I even help out family.

  17. Emma Pfanner says

    Melissa, what a great to explain away newbie fears. It’s one thing to ‘extreme’ shop and another to be ‘coupon savvy’. It’s hard to explain to some people how I ended up with 40 sticks of deodorant or 30 bottles of body wash without clearing a single shelf. You buy one this week for cheap and get another next week for free…before you know it, you have a stockpile built and it cost mere pennies without being a HOG and wiping off the entire shelf. When people ask me if I am an extreme couponer, I politely smile and say “No, I am a Krazy Coupon Lady” there’s a big difference. I am 2 years into this lifestyle and happy to say, I will never go back to shopping without coupons or paying full price for ANYTHING!

  18. I can’t seem to figure out how to get a ton of coupons! I have bought a few Sunday papers but little to no coupons in them. How does everyone get so many? Any tips? Thank you!

  19. Awesome story. It helps to know that I won’t be doing this alone. Living in Hawaii alone is a struggle. So I need every help I can get to learn to coupon. Thanks again

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