Organized Purse is Today’s Challenge

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organized purseHow do you keep an organized purse? Or do you??? I never used to keep mine organized and then one year for Christmas, probably about 7 years now, I received an awesome, but huge, Coach bag from my husband’s best friend. When I switched out from my old one, I still had tons of room to spare. What did I do? Filled it up with more stuff of course. Filling it up ensured I always had what I needed at any given time, but an organized purse it was not!

It was pretty cool though. Anything anybody wanted, I could say, “I’ve got that.” And I did have it; the only problem was, but where? The purse was so vacuous; I could never find what I needed. You defintely couldn’t call it an “organized purse.” I’d end up dumping my purse on a table to find what I was after. It was the only way to do it. It was a bit inconvenient though, say, in the checkout line or in the car.

Then I read an article called “Compartmentalize Your Purse.” It was all about sectioning off your purse into different zones, either by using pockets or toiletry or cosmetic bags. What a great idea! Rather than stating word for word what they recommended, I thought it would be easier to just show you what I did, based on what was advised and then you can copy my plan, tweaking it to fit your needs. Let’s just say, those Target Beauty Bags have come in handy to keep my purse an organized purse.

My Vacuous Organized Purse and its Compartments:

This is what my purse looks like and all its various components within. Of course I don’t carry all of this at one time, I carry what I need for what I’m doing. What I do carry all the time are my wallet, that pink folder at the top that holds my gift cards, coupons I’ll be using this week and my store lists. Because you just never know when you’re going to have an impromptu trip.

This picture below is the other two compartments I carry to keep with the organized purse theme. My electronics pouch, with my radar detector and GPS. Living in South Florida, you can’t keep electronics like that in the car and expect them to last so they have their own little pouch I keep them in. My Odds & Ends is the other pouch. That holds my business card holder, complete with Wiz Cards as well, of course, gum, Advil, store loyalty card holder and my little flashlight/bottle opener. Yes, I use the flashlight way more than the opener!

Electronics and Odds & Ends Compartments:

The Beauty Bag

This photo to the left is my Beauty Bag. I might take this with me if I were going to be out awhile and somewhere where I’d want to look my best. It might be lunch out with friends, a client meeting, or something like that. It’s also small enough to pop in an evening bag if I were going to a party or wedding or out clubbing (yah right, at my age!); but you get the idea. If you want an organized purse, this stuff can’t be swimming around in the bottom.

The Mending Kit

This picture to the right is what I call my Mending Kit. When I used to work outside my home, this one always came with. Now I might only take it if I’m going to be out the whole day or if I’m wearing something “iffy” that might need a touch up. It includes spot removers, wipes, sewing kit and a travel lint brush.

The Toiletry Kit

organize your purseThis one is my Toiletry Kit and runs along the same lines as the one above. I’d probably be more apt to grab this one if I were going out for a while, but if it were for a long while, I’d grab both. This one contains deodorant, hair spray, lotion, hand sanitizer and my nail kit; complete with file, Emory board, cuticle cutter and tweezers.


The Portable Desk

organized purseThis last one above I call my Portable Desk. I might take this if I’m going to meet with a client or out doing some scheduled couponing. It includes a pen & pencil, calculator, scissors, small note pad, voice recorder and a few rubber bands and paper clips. I also have a pen in my wallet so if I’m out somewhere where I just need to sign something, I don’t need to take my “desk.”

Wrapping it All Up into an Organized Purse

All of the compartments above help me to keep an organized purse and I have been known to take them all with me. When I do that though, I usually keep some of the pouches in the car. My back doctor would be happy about that. If your purse isn’t that big, don’t worry. Just break it down by the products you carry. The important thing is to carry as little as possible and you can do that by categorizing the items and only bringing with you, what you’ll realistically need while you are out. If every category has its own bag, it’s easy to just grab what you need and leave the rest at home. Not to mention this makes it much easier to find what you require when you require it.

Incidentally, if you don’t have all the various cosmetic bags you need to do this, every link in this post takes you to Amazon where I found very cheap cosmetic bags for purchase. If you’re anything like me though, you have a stock of Target Beauty Bags saved up. Just in case, I did that for you. If you have a different way you keep an organized purse, I’d love to hear about it. Just leave a comment down below.

Until next time, Organize Happy

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