2012 Goals – Another Step Towards Mine

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2012 Goals – Attack the Closet

2012 Goals - Attack the Closet

New for 2012 Goals – I am one of those people that the state of my house directly affects my mood and mental health.  This is a big reason most of my goals for this year will revolve around getting and staying organized.  The master bedroom closet has been an issue for a while.  To use a friend’s description it wasn’t bad enough to get me on Clean House, but Martha Stewart would have cringed!

I thought about taking more before pictures, but I knew I would never be brave enough to post them all so you will just have to take my word for it with only the one.  The problem is my closet has 3 full walls and I only had hanging racks on 2 with one shelf above each bar.  What would end up happening is all the stuff that wouldn’t fit on the shelves ended up on the floor!  Not conducive of an organized closet or a happy Cyndi.  Not to mention poor hubby had about 4” of space; I know I’m a bad wife.

2012 Goals Accomplished Partway with Closet Organizers

We made the decision months ago to go with the Rubbermaid closet organizers.  Since then we have been working money into the budget and putting it away for this project.  In total we did spend about $500, but I got a lot of the extras for the system.  I figured if we were going to do it we better do it in a way that will make us both happy the first time!  Plus we had the money saved, we weren’t using credit cards to do this project, so I didn’t feel guilty spending it since it was set aside for this specific reason and it was a step towards this year’s 2012 goals.

In order to do this project absolutely everything had to come out of the closet.  As we were putting things back in we took the opportunity to get rid of some stuff.  I did get rid of a good amount of clothes and shoes.  I’m sure the Arc was very happy to see my husband when he drove up!

Purging Our Closet Is a Must

I did realize after getting everything back in that I still have way too many clothes so I will be cleaning it out again.  My boss had given me a great idea and I will be doing this again to weed out my clothes over the next few months.   What you do is turn all your hangers where the hook is hooked from the back of the bar instead of the front.  Then as you put away new laundry you hang it with the hanger facing the correct way on the bar.  After a few months you look to see what clothes are still on “backwards” hangers.  You haven’t worn them; you can probably safely get rid of them.  Last time I did this I got rid of 8 garbage bags of clothes!

Now I’m not saying everyone should go out and drop $500 to redo your closet.  Maybe just doing a good clean out and re-organization would do the trick for you.  Possibly you could get by with only adding a shelf or two.  The point is to clean out the clutter and revel in the knowledge that it is organized and tidy.   Hubby has found me a few times just standing in the doorway looking at it.  It makes me happy and because it was one of my 2012 goals, not accomplished!

PS- Thank you Saul for all the hard work you did! A happy wife makes a happy life! ~ Cyndi


  1. I attacked all the closets a few weeks ago; but, now I need to be able to get some storage bins, lol.

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