Store Brands, Are They a Good Value?

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Are Store Brands a Good Value?

store brands

Store brands have come a long way since their inception in the 1970’s by Ralph’s Super Markets and almost every store we shop at now have their own store brand products on the shelves next to the brand name products, but are they a good value? In many cases, yes they are. When we buy brand name products we are also paying for their research, packaging, marketing and every other expense they incur to bring that product to us.

Where do store brands come from?

Many store brand products come from these same manufacturers and some come from private label companies whose sole purpose is packaging foods for the stores brand label. Many of these companies package the same products for several different store and warehouse chains.  They have much less cost involved in the process and those savings get passed on to the consumer.

Is a store brand worth trying?

As it becomes harder and harder to afford food, medications, gasoline and other daily life essentials, sales of store brands and private label products such as food, toiletries, paper products and over the counter drugs are on the rise. Store brand products account for 90 billion dollars a year or 30% of food related products sold. I myself buy them if it’s the best price. I really don’t notice much of a difference in quality.

As with any purchase, compare the price by paying attention to the cost per unit on the shelf tag. Sometimes store brands are the better deal and sometimes name brands are the better deal. Buy one or two items and compare them for yourself.


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  1. Though store brands are much cheaper at times, I always check and compare the ingredients list… For example, my store brand of corn syrup is not just corn syrup, it had high fructose corn syrup and a few other fillers..Or the store brand of vicks vapo rub- the active ingredients are the same, however the inactive ingredients are quite different and I’m not so sure I want to put all those additional items on my child’s skin. Always compare ingredients before you buy.

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