3D Ready without a 3DTV? I Can Help

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Are you 3D Ready now that the holidays are over and everyone has gotten their new gadgets? Do you find yourself with everything you need to start enjoying 3D except for the TV? Then the 3D Video Wizard Console with 2 Pack of 3D Adult Glasses is just the thing for you.

3D ready Video Wizard
Well, that’s been my situation for a few months now. I have a Playstation 3 which will play 3D, but no 3D television. We have even been buying 3D Movies whenever we buy new movies.

I just received this little gadget from 3D Video Wizard, if you are 3D ready then this device is for you. I was very skeptical on if it would even work, but if you have 3D Movies this thing looks great for what it is.

I tried it  with standard 2D content and yeah it added a little bit of depth, but NO it was not eye popping. The place where this little device rocks is when you connect it to a 3D enabled Blu-Ray player like these from Amazon. I also have an Apple TV and played 3D encoded H.264 (.mp4) files without any problem. I imagine this would work with a Roku 2 or any other media player that would stream MP4 files.

No this thing won’t defy the laws of physics and make content come off the screen like the vendors other images suggest.

But this device does do an outstanding job at displaying 3D Movies on non-3D Televisions. At least until the prices begin to fall on the larger 3D displays.

Please feel free to comment if you have any questions about this device. ~Michael

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