Backyard Chickens DIY Project

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How to Keep Backyard Chickens

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Backyard Chickens? Yes, Chickens! Well right now they are in my living room, but when they get older they will be moved to the backyard. You see when they’re this young they are still kept warm under their mother’s down, so they aren’t really supposed to go outside yet. Not only this, but I’m trying to be really careful because unbeknown to so many chicken owners, rats and hawks have an eye for young pullets and can swipe them in the blink of an eye. Now I have an inkling that there are a few rats living nearby, and I just couldn’t take that risk. My friend had the same problem, she’s lucky she lives in NC because the pest control charlotte nc area is really good and got rid of the pest risk there. She advised I do the same with one in my local area, which I will! But until I do, and until I invest in some secure fencing and some safety-locked enclosures, I’m not letting my little babies out of sight! I’d be devastated if anything happened to them. But they will eventually be out there foraging and clucking about in the grass, I know they’re not supposed to be cooped up in someone’s living room all their life. Oh, pardon the pun by the way!

Let me get started by telling you why I want chickens in my backyard before you start with the comments I have been getting from friends and family like: “Chickens, are you crazy?” “Chickens? Eggs are just $1 in the store,” “Chickens, don’t they stink?” Well to all the chicken haters out there I have a few things you should think about before you write off my feathered friends.

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Look at all the baby chicks there are to choose from. I decided to get chickens after a friend of mine told me about how much she enjoyed her chickens, how they helped out around her house, and how easy they were to take care of. Helped out around the house? That’s the same thing I thought. Don’t get me wrong. I did not jump for joy over the idea of chickens in my backyard. It did take some convincing, but the reasons she gave me eventually changed my mind so I decided to give them a try. I did a lot of research on chickens before I decided to dive in. Here are some of the reasons you might want to consider backyard chickens.

Gardening with Backyard Chickens:

Chickens provide a great source of fertilizer. They walk around and poop on your lawn if you let them free range (not confined) and fertilize it. The best way it can be used is to collect it from your chicken coop and compost it for your garden or flower beds. So far the baby chickens I have don’t stink and the homestead I visited, her chickens did not stink either. I think everyone has the idea of the large poultry houses that give off a foul odor and assume all chickens stink but this is not the case if their habitat is maintained well. And in the case of backyard chickens you are more likely to have a few chickens instead of hundreds. I am looking forward to the compost they are going to provide. I want to see if this helps in my garden because where I live, the dirt is clay and very hard. They are also a source of effective pest control because they will eat all the bugs in your yard, but of course, you can always hire professional services to remove any unwanted bugs from your space if you wanted to as well. As such, chickens can help control the bug population that would otherwise destroy your plants.

Organic eggs:

One of the best reasons is for the organic eggs. Most eggs in the grocery store come from chickens that are confined to a cage, never see a blade of grass and are pumped with antibiotics and hormones. What better way to know where your food comes from, and what is in it, than to raise your own chickens and collect your own eggs. You will know everything that the chickens have eaten and you will know how it was treated as well. Did you know that eggs come in other colors than white and brown? Some chickens lay green, blue, or even chocolate brown eggs. I can’t wait to find my first egg. Believe me, everybody is going to know about it.

Learning experience for children:

In my head I am not going to have to really do much with the chickens because I have four kids that will learn to take care of them. Chickens are like any other pet they need to be fed and make sure they have plenty of water. I think this will teach them where their food comes from and they will learn that those eggs did not just appear on the grocery store shelves. Also they will get the experience of caring for a living animal and what that takes. Some schools have 4H clubs and chickens are a good project for this.

I have picked out my chicks and they are ready to go to their new home. Remember they will not stay little for long so do not get more than you can fit in the area you are going to be housing them in. I did my research and came up with the perfect number of chicks for the area I have planned out for them to call home.

Our Baby Chicks

Here is a picture of my new 8 baby chicks (one was camera shy). The picture is hard to see because they are under a red heat lamp. You have to keep those little chicks warm.

Chickens 1 backyard Chickens

And the funny thing about my backyard chickens is that I couponed to get their supplies! Both feed stores I went to for their supplies offered coupons either in the store or on their website. I got all their supplies for under $20! They had all types of coupons and this made me even more excited about raising chickens because I know now that I will be able to get the things they will need at a good price. You know us couponers never pay full price. Who would have ever guessed I would be couponing at the feed store? Join me on my journey to having backyard chickens. You know you can’t resist those little fluff balls.

Check out this video of my daughter trying to count the chicks. It’s hard to do when they will not stay in one place. lol



  1. Alyse Wizard Groupee says

    Great post. We would totally have some chickens if our HOA allowed it.

  2. Love this post! I have been telling my husby for months that I want to raise chickens.

  3. Jeanie Carpenter says

    Our kids are involved in the local 4-H and FFA and during the spring and fall actually show chickens like the kids show steer, hogs, etc. It’s a great lesson in responsibility!! If anyone is interested in something like this for their kids, the need to check with their local Extension Office for more info!

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