Bathroom Vanity DIY-From Trash To Treasure

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Bathroom Vanity DIY Project

At the moment, we’re redoing our bathroom. We’ve been busy looking at the Fawcett Plumbing Services, getting quotes on tiles and materials, and looking into new features we can add to update it a bit more. However, our budget is quickly being eaten up so we’re looking to save some money with our DIY skills, starting with our new vanity.

A bathroom vanity is a focal point in any bathroom. When we first started on our bathroom remodel, we knew our old one needed to be replaced. We scoured the stores and did not find what we had pictured in our heads that we wanted. We finally found an old dresser for sale. Once we saw the picture, we knew it was perfect and and exactly what we were looking for, for our DIY bathroom vanity project.

bathroom vanity

Yes, it looks a little rough and needs some TLC, but we were up for the challenge. We knew we could make a beautiful bathroom vanity out of this! The first thing was getting rid of that old hardware. Those handles were ugly! Next step was to fill in the holes with wood filler. You can also see some nicks on the dresser that were covered with wood putty.

Once every hole and nick was covered, we let it sit over night to dry then started the sanding to smooth it all out. That very top drawer had to go. We wanted to make it look just like it was a design on the top part of the dresser. We cut the drawer part out and secured the front part back on. We added wood filler all around the edge to make it look like there was never a drawer there to begin with.

The next step was to modify the next drawer. In order to make room for the drain, my husband had to cut a piece out of the back of it, take a 1 X 4 and reconstruct the drawer in a “U shape.” As you can see, we only lost a few inches out of this top drawer. Actually, I kind of like the small section in the middle! Perfect size to hold his razors!

All that was left to do now on our DIY bathroom vanity was paint! After giving the whole dresser a light sanding, we put on one coat of KILZ. The reason for this was because the dresser was really dark, and we wanted to make sure the paint had a good primer to “grab” onto. The paint we used was a glossy white.

With our bathroom vanity painted, it was time to decide what to do with the top of it. Wanting a granite look for the top, we found an amazing granite alternative, since a custom cut piece of granite was not in the budget.

bathroom vanity

Total cost for this whole project was $160! That includes new sink, faucet, hardware, paint and what we actually paid for the dresser. When doing a home DIY project, sometimes you have to think outside the box. With just a little TLC, this dresser most people would have tossed, turned into a beautiful bathroom vanity!



  1. Awesome job! So many people toss out items that with a bit of TLC can be turned into something beautiful. I am going to see if I can find a before and after of our exisitng/made new double sink vanity when we redid our master bathroom….

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