BBQ Pulled Pork Is What’s For Dinner

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BBQ Pulled Pork

Being born and raised in a city known for it’s BBQ, it’s no surprise how much I love BBQ anything! Growing up, our family had our favorite places to go and I always remember my dad ordering a BBQ pulled pork sandwich! I decided to try to re-create an old favorite of ours!

This is a very simple and delicious BBQ pulled pork recipe using basic items we all have in our pantries. It only takes a few ingredients and a crock pot! When using pork, I always find the best savings buying the whole pork loin and cutting my own pork chops and roasts. I can cut them the exact thickness and size I want them to be!

BBQ Pulled Pork Ingredients:


1.  Lay your pork chops flat in your crock pot.

2.  Sprinkle some brown sugar on top of the pork chops. I put it on there then press it onto the meat. Pour on some Worcestershire sauce, just enough to cover your meat. Pour on as much BBQ sauce as you like. I used about 1/2 of a bottle.

BBQ pulled pork

3.  Put the lid on your crock pot, turn on high, and let it cook for about 3 1/2 – 4 hours (or 6-7 hours on low). When you check on them, your chops will be cooking in a sauce made from the brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, and BBQ sauce.

4.  After about 4 hours, your chops will become very tender. Pull the chops out, place on a cutting board, and using 2 forks, you want to “shred” them, then put the meat back into the crock pot. Stir it up well to make sure all your meat is coated with the sauce and let cook for another 30 minutes or so.

5.  Now, all that’s left to do is grab your buns and make your sandwiches! I always like to add some extra sauce just like my dad does!

BBQ pulled pork

I hope you all enjoy this wonderful meal that is a favorite of my family! You WILL go back for seconds with this delicious BBQ pork pork!

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  1. Amazing! Guess who is making the same thing for dinner!! It smells sooooo good… wish it were dinner time! Thanks for the easy recipe Lisa

  2. Randi Greene says

    This looks amazing and super easy! I work a short day on Sunday so I think I will put this in the crock pot before work so it will be ready when I get home. It will make for good leftovers for my hubby’s work lunch on Monday (yes we both have to work on Monday, it’s part of the joy of living in a 24/7/365 city).

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