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Eyes Beauty How To

beauty how toWelcome to the first installment of beauty how to! With Winter still in full swing, and the extreme cold I have been feeling the past week, I decided to reflect that icy cold with my eye make up! Blue eye shadows have often gotten the shorter cliché end of the stick. I mean really, blame the 80’s and Mimi from the Drew Carey Show. However, when done right, and adding a hint of smoke, you have achieve a dramatically icy cool look.

First things first. You need to have the right products. As couponers, we tend to get quite a stock of free make up. However, let’s face it ladies, not all make up is created equally! For this look I have compiled a list of products from high end make up counter, to dollar store. Feel free to use your own variations of products!

My Beauty How To List of Favs
Applying for the Best Eyes

Step 1: Use foundation primer on your forehead, nose, under eyes and cheek bones. Spread it out from those spots. There is no need to cake this stuff on. It is really lightweight and smooth. Remember, a little goes a long way. The Smashbox primer I used, is absolutely fantastic. It is very lightweight and goes a long way. Let me tell you, it is worth every penny it retails for.

Step 2: Apply your foundation. Foundation is an essential part of the make up and skin care process. It creates an even base for applying your cosmetics, and can help with the blocking of harmful UV rays. If you are one who doesn’t like foundation, try tinted moisturizer for an even lighter weight feel. The Covergirl formula that I use is a very smooth and lightweight formula. I got it either for free or a ridiculously low price at CVS awhile back & is a staple in my beauty how to format.

Step 3: Apply your bronzer. One of my favorite products is bronzer. I use it almost exclusively as my blush. I do prefer pressed bronzers instead of the beads though. I find that you get a much more even color application. However, if you like a more shimmery all over look, I would go with the beads over the pressed. I can’t say that MAC Bronzer is any better than any other bronzer I have used. I would say for this product it is really all in what you would prefer.

Step 4: Now that your face is set we can get to work on the real focus, the eyes! Now, I used some of the Smashbox primer on my eyes. I do not normally use that on my eyes but, I ran out of my favorite eye primer. (Mary Kay Eye Primer) Eye primer serves a pretty good purpose. It holds your color on for a very long time and also creates an easier canvas for blending your colors. Eye primer should be applied before any color.

Step 5: Apply Eyeliner to top lid, getting as close to your lashes as possible. You do not need a thick line. Round down to the beginning of your lower lash line, as seen in the picture above. Apply lash adhesive to false lash and place on top of the liner. Again, get as close to your natural lashes as possible. When lashes dry (a minute or two) apply another layer of thin liner over top of the lashes. This helps to make the look less fake. (I really don’t know if that is the right word, but I am using it anyway.)  Tip: Try not to open your eyes all the way when applying lashes. I know this is going to sound silly, but you can actually get glue on your eye lid. Then you will be like me today and have your eyelid stuck open. Don’t worry, it won’t stay that way if it does happen!

Step 6: Use Vanilla shimmer eye shadow on brow bone. Rounding down into the corners of your eye. Then apply a thin line under your bottom lash line. This gives it an extra pop. Apply lighter blue from the Grey Matters combo onto the base of the lid. Mix both light blue and grey for the outer base and work into crease. Make sure you have good brushes to blend with. I cannot stress enough how good brushes are for flawless looks. Finally, apply MAC’s Wait Till Dark Frost into the crease. Start at the outer crease working into the middle then from the inner crease working to the middle. Again, blend, blend, blend!

Step 7: Apply mascara. The best way I find to apply mascara with false lashes on is to roll it right on. By rolling, I mean starting at the bottom of your lashes, turn and pull the mascara brush as you pull it away from your face. Turning or rolling the brush will help to curl your own lashes into the false lashes. Creating a seamless finish.

beauty how toFinish this look with the lips of your choice. I find that a clear shimmer gloss finishes this look perfectly. Bam! You are done and looking like one hot mommy! (NOTE: I just realized, I may need some Botox. Anyone have any coupons for that? LOL)


***Special thanks to Kim B. My little sister from another mister. Without her, this beauty how to post would simply be just another crazy idea I had.***


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