Becoming Mrs Fix It – You Can Too!

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Becoming Mrs Fix It

Becoming Mrs Fix It

As a woman, I’ve slowing been becoming Mrs Fix It. I have been thinking a lot lately about how I can help people while living the frugal lifestyle. However, I find that sometimes my help is really just me doing the actual work. So in the spirit of “teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime,” here are a few things you should consider learning how to do.

Becoming Mrs Fix It Tasks for You

1) Mow your own lawn. While having a cute guy in jeans mow your lawn week to week is great, consider the time it takes and how much money you spend. While the money may be worth the fact that you don’t have to do it, if it takes your lawn guy 15 minutes to mow the lawn, why are you paying him $50 or more a month for an hour’s work? I learned how to mow the lawn at a young age. Now I am a one woman lawn show. I mow, I edge, I weed and I feed. Living in Southern California, I do this all year round. Less in the winter months when my grass grows less rapidly, but I still work the yard every month! You can too!

2) Get your own tools. This is a big one in my house. I have a horrible habit of using my husband’s tools to fix things around the house and putting his tools in my tool drawer. To solve this I have been working on getting my own tools now that becoming Mrs Fix It has occurred! If you don’t know what a socket wrench is, learn! I am the assembler of toys and furniture. I am the fixer of the toilet and garbage disposal. I tighten hinges and lock down bolts. You can do everything that I do, and here is how; Google and YouTube! When I don’t know how to fix something and my husband isn’t around, I don’t call the repair man unless I absolutely have to. I use the internet to guide me through the process. It is super simple!

3) Change your own oil. This one makes me the most proud. A few years ago, I decided that my husband should be changing our motor oil and not the drive-thru oil change place. I was tired of paying $50 or more for 20 minutes of work. Since my husband admittedly didn’t know how to change the oil, he had a friend teach him. When it came time for my husband to deploy, my husband taught me. I save massive amounts of money each year doing this myself. Yes it is a little messy and I have to take my oil in to be disposed of; however, the fact that I can brag, and I do, about fixing on my truck myself is truly priceless.

What are some things you are the most proud you can do on your own? Have you become Mrs Fix It too? Sound off in the comments below!


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  1. Good job! I have not yet ventured into an oil change because we live in an apartment that you can’t do car work in. However, I am the builder of furniture, faucet replaced, hole patcher, I do it all. Why just last week I was stranded in a parking lot with a dead battery and no men around! I called my mom to come give me a jump and keep an eye on my daughter. No luck, the cable was completely erroded. So we drove to the store, got a battery and terminal and a small set of sockets. It took me two hours but I changed that dang battery!!! I was so proud of myself! I used youtube and I called auto zone but I did all the labor!!!

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