BOGO – Why I Love Them & You Should Too

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BOGO – For the Love of It

Few things will excite a serious couponer as much as a BOGO deal.  Buy One Get One Free sounds like a good deal that would stand on its own merit.  However, when you combine that with the high value coupons that we all tend to accumulate, we are in for a royal treat!  For those of you that are new to couponing, this article may clear up some of the confusion that surrounds BOGO sales and how you use your coupons in conjunction with these offers.  When all is said and done, the one thing that does vary from state to state, chain to chain and in some cases, store to store, is the rules.

These are the most important concepts to remember when shopping in a store that is running a BOGO.  These concepts will determine exactly how much you can save.

How does the Register Handle BOGO Sales?

There are two common ways that a cash register will tender a BOGO sale.  Some places will ring up both items at full price and then immediately subtract the second item.  Other stores will ring up both items at half price.  In either event, without coupons, both methods have the same net effect.  However, depending on what type of coupon you have, the results can be very different after you present your coupons.  It is important to look at your receipt and know how this is handled at your store as it may affect some scenarios and ad match-ups.

What type of Coupon do you Have?

When we come across a Buy One Get One Free coupon, it gives you a unit of product free, when you buy one.  If you are patient and hold on to these coupons for a bit, you may be able to pick up a really good deal, getting both products free on a BOGO sale at your store.  If your store is one of the stores that rings up both items at full price and then immediately subtracts one, you’ll be in luck!  When you use a BOGO coupon at these stores, the coupon attaches to both the item you pay for as well as the item that was free.  Therefore, you have one item ring up regular price, one item ring up at regular price and immediately get subtracted, and then the coupon subtracts the full price of the remaining unit of that product.  This results in a net price of FREE for both units.

If your store is a store that rings up both items at half price, you are not as lucky, but will still get a good deal.  If you have an item on sale BOGO that retails for $2.00, your register would ring each unit up at $1.00.  The BOGO coupon then attaches to the items and removes one of them leaving you with a total of $1.00 for both items, for .50 each.  You still save 75% on each unit, which would still be a great deal.

BOGO - Shopping CartIf you have coupons that are $1/1, then you are able to use two of these coupons on your BOGO transaction for a net effect of $2.00 in savings.  In the scenario above, you would use 2 $1/1 coupons on your items and you would actually get both of them for free because each would ring up at half price.  The scenario would play out the same way if your register rang up both items at full price and immediately subtracted one because your total would still be $2.00 before coupons and you would have $2.00 of coupons to use.

It goes without saying that you are also able to use a coupon that is tied to the number of units such as $1/2 or $2/3 as long as the total number of units you purchase matches the total number of units allowable by the coupon.  There probably isn’t much point in expanding on those as you will be serious couponers and only focus on matching the best coupons with the best deals.  We will save that for a later post.  Make sure you are paying attention to our posts every day because we will continue to push out as much information about these free or nearly free deals.

As always, if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email through our website, by leaving a comment on this post, or by posting the the wall of our Facebook Fan Page.


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