Boo Berries Halloween Recipe; Easy, Cute & Yummy to Eat!

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Boo Berries Halloween Recipe Instructions

Boo Berries 1

So, not being much of a cook, or crafter for that matter, I saw these Boo Berries in the book Easy Crafts for Halloween and Fall and thought, I can make those and make them I did! This Halloween recipe, craft, whatever you want to call it, was super easy to make, even for me. No way these will still be around when we go to the Halloween party next weekend so I’m going to make them again. If you want to give them a whirl too, here’s the instructions on this little Halloween recipe. Enjoy your Boo Berries!

What You’ll Need for this Halloween Recipe:

Halloween Recipe - Boo Berries 3What you may need to buy:
Container of Strawberries
White Chocolate Chips (I used an 11oz pkg & had some left over)
Black Tube Frosting
Paint Brushes for the faces (optional)

What you probably have in the house:
Plate, spoon, waxed paper, microwaveable bowl, small bowl for frosting, optional pastry tips

What You Do
  1. Wash the strawberries, leaving stems on for easier dipping control.
  2. Pour white chocolate chips into a microwaveable bowl. Microwave chocolate at 15-20 second intervals, stirring in between, until chocolate is just about melted. (It’s best to undermelt it a bit, take it out, and stir it until it all melts totally so it doesn’t dry out.)
  3. Put a sheet of waxed paper on a dinner-sized plate.
  4. Dip each strawberry, using the stem, into the chocolate and swirl it around to coat on all sides. *Hint* I tipped the bowl up with one hand and dipped with the other to make it easier to coat. Bring the strawberry up and finish letting it drip. Place it on the plate & grab another until they’re all coated.
  5. Place the plate of strawberries in the refrigerator for 1/2 hour – 1 hour, until the chocolate is hardened.Halloween Recipe - Boo Berries 2
  6. Once they’ve hardened, squirt frosting into a small bowl. I did this to make using the paintbrush easier, but you can just use the tube w/ pastry tips if you’re skipping the paintbrush. Truth be told, I used my finger more than anything else, but whatever works for you.
  7. Paint on the ghost faces any way you want & place back in the fridge to harden up.
  8. Once they’ve harden, pluck off the stems and you’re ready to roll.

I found this Halloween recipe easy to make, but didn’t like the getting my fingers messy part, but hey, I guess that’s why I wouldn’t make a good chef. Or avid crafter for that matter. Now to get messy again next weekend for my Halloween party! If you’d like to pick up the book, Easy Crafts for Halloween and Fall, it’s got some great easy crafts for Halloween in it.

Until next time, Boo!

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