Budgeting For Healthy Living

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Healthy Living Budgeting

budgetingAre you budgeting for your health? We often hear that it’s too expensive to eat healthy. It’s definitely more expensive, but if you play your cards right – and that includes couponing correctly – you can lower that OOP cost drastically.

There are plenty of resources where you can find organic coupons. They may not be available in Sunday inserts, but you can get them by either writing manufacturers, or heading directly to their websites for printable coupons.

What about Produce?

What about it? The same principles apply. While you may not be able to clip a coupon for $1 off red peppers, you can still save money. A few times a year we see coupons for Cuties Clementines. There are printable coupons for Dole Salads that show up every once in a while. When you make sure your loyalty card information is correct, you may get a surprise in the mail from the stores – mailers that may save you some money on produce. I have gotten plenty in my mailbox for $2 off a $5 produce purchase. I love when they show up. As a house that eats our weight in produce, any savings is a great one.

Budgeting Via the Right Markets

Another great way to cut down on your produce costs is to use Catalinas. Whenever there is a Catalina offer on things we use, I always make sure to grab a few extra. It nets me a bigger coupon at the end, which I then can roll into a purchase on fruits and vegetables, lowering the cost of those $5 raspberries. photo (60)

Another great way is farmers markets, flea markets, or places like Produce Junction. You’ll spend exponentially less shopping these places every couple of weeks. The produce is fresher, and way cheaper. Check out this receipt from a trip to one of these places.

How do you factor your health into your budget? ~Brianne

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