Tuesdays Tips – But It Was Only A Dollar

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Today’s Tuesdays Tips

Tuesdays Tips

How long has that been in my stockpile?

Today’s Tuesdays Tips is about spending unnecessarily. When I jumped into couponing as a lifestyle I was chasing every deal at every store for months. Once I realized what I was doing, I hit the brakes. What am I doing? What am I buying? I’ve never bought this stuff before! It took several months for revelation to sink in.

I look at my stockpile regularly. Notice I didn’t say inventory, rotate or examine? I open the door and I look at it. I do rotate food when I restock items I’ve purchased by moving older products forward and stocking new items in the back. I’m to the point that I don’t really need to keep up on an inventory of my stockpile. I know what I use and when it gets low, I put it on my list of things to watch for.

Where I’m slacking is making sure I’m using what I bought. Today I teach ‘don’t buy something because it’s on sale.’ When I started, I bought everything that was on sale if I had a coupon for it. Guess what? I now have products in my stockpile that are collecting dust but hey I scored that deal! Some items I have pulled out and set on my counter to remind me to use them and others have been making their way into my donation box.

Think before you buy

It’s easy to score deals. You look at the store matchups, gather your coupons and off you go. Did you look at your  inventory first to see what you need? Are the products on your list items you actually use or need? I still buy items I’ve never tried before if I can get them at a great price. However I don’t buy 10 anymore. I buy one, try it, and if I like it I can go back for more. If they’re out, well that’s what rain checks are for.

How much did that really cost me?

Say you have 10 coupons for an item and you buy all 10. Let’s say that after the sales price and coupons, you paid $1.00 each, I’m going to low ball the amount. You spent $10.00 + tax if applicable. No big deal, they were only a dollar right? You get it home and discover you don’t care for it. This is what I call a budget buster. If you do this twice a month, by the end of one year you will have spent $520.00 + tax on products you aren’t using.

No big deal, they were only a dollar right?  Wrong! And that’s Tuesdays Tips ~Valerie

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