Buying Quality Saves You Money

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Buying Quality Products

Buying Quality Williams-Sonoma

You need or want something. Do you go out and buy it without much thought? Do you buy a less expensive option hoping it will hold up? Or do you plan for your purchase so you can get what you really want? I’ve done all 3 and still do depending on the situation. Even when I plan for a purchase, I’m frugal. I wait for a good sale when I can, spending a lot of money and buying quality aren’t the same thing.

The Problems

5 years ago I bought a 4 qt Calphalon sauce pan. The coating had started to deteriorate after about a year. I contacted the company and was told there was a chance they would replace it, but I had to pay shipping back and forth. I didn’t like those odds and decided not to buy another of their product of that type again. While browsing for a replacement at Williams-Somoma last weekend, I explained what happened to my last pan when she tried to show me Calphalon’s new line. I was told to bring it in and they would see if there was anything they could do for me. It’s 5 years old and I don’t have the receipt. I know I bought it on sale, but can’t remember how much and they are an hours drive each way. Doesn’t sound too promising, right?

In the meantime my husband was across the way in the Bose store (just to check it out he says) that recently opened. Dad had given him a $300.00 compact noise canceling headset many years ago and he used them all the time. Until they got demolished while he was in the Middle East that is. Bose told him to bring them in and they would see if there was anything they could do for him.

The Outcome of Buying Quality

Williams-Sonoma was having a weekend only sale that would allow me to buy a $290.00 All-Clad replacement pan for $172.00. We decided to go back on Sunday expecting them to send my pan to Calphalon and we were going to go ahead and buy the All-Clad, being that the sale ended that day. If Calphalon replaced my pan I would return the All-Clad unused. After looking up my pan, Williams-Sonoma offered me $160.00 credit toward a replacement. I was very surprised to say the least. All said and done, I didn’t have to wait for an answer and the All-Clad ended up costing  me $12.49 (before tax). Buying quality really paid off!

My husband ended up paying $99.00 for a brand new $300.00 headset. Again I was thrilled. When I said demolished, I meant it. The only thing holding it together were the wires. They also gave him a free extension cable and an additional cable with a microphone built into it. Why? It was clearly not a product failure.

buying quality

Total  replacement value $590.00 … Paid $111.49 … Saved  $478.51.

Patience Pays Off just Like Buying Quality

Our couch and love seat are over 15 years old. You can’t tell there is a problem until you sit in the vortex that sucks you in that is cleverly disguised as seat cushions. The frame is broken and has torn through the fabric in the back and side!

A year ago we started looking and found a set we liked at La-Z-Boy. It was $4,000.00 so it stayed there. We’ve watched their sales, but the set never went below $3200.00. We decided to wait a little longer and pay down more debt before spending the money. They are currently running a liquidation sale to clear out, not only the stores, but also the warehouses to make room for new merchandise.

I popped in the store fully expecting to discover that the set we liked was gone or isn’t included, but it was! I picked out a durable custom fabric, plus the couch and the love seat have 2 recliners in them and the set came to $2,500.00. I don’t think we’ll be able to beat that. After paying 20% down because they’re custom pieces, I opted for the 36 month interest free on the balance. Our payment will be less than $60.00 a month which is very manageable in our budget. I actually plan to pay it off in about 4 months, but it’s nice to have the flexibility.

The Best Part

We asked for nothing and expected nothing. The level of customer service we received in each situation is priceless to us. Quality and consistent customer service is becoming extinct everywhere and personally, we are willing to pay a few extra dollars now for the customer service we may need later. We will continue buying quality rather than going the cheap, and often less cost-effective, route.


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