Can Coupons Cost Us Money?

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Coupons Cost Money?

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What do you think? Can coupons cost us money? When used properly, coupons and discount offers help us provide better for our families, reduce our debt and enable us to plan for a more stable future for ourselves. Competition among businesses is fiercer than ever and they need to get our attention to get us in their doors.

This past year I have been noticing more and more coupons and offers than ever before.

  • Beauty and tanning salons
  • Grocery Store in store coupons
  • Large national chain stores
  • Manufacturers grocery coupons
  • More coupon codes available
  • Large national chain stores
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Stores
  • Small local businesses

If you can think of a business, there is a pretty good chance you have seen, or will see, some kind of discount offer come along. Every business needs our money and we are continually being tempted by their offers. My answer is yes, coupons cost us money sometimes.

Coupons Cost Money Sometimes. Here are Some Examples:
  • $10.00 off when you spend $75.00. Did you plan on spending $75.00 before you saw this offer?
  • Earn $5.00 for every $25.00 you spend to be used on your next purchase. Are you tempted to spend more than you planned? Do you plan to go back and spend more money to use your credit?
  • Free bottle of lotion with a $50.00 monthly tanning package, tan 4 times and each tan cost you $12.50. Tanning salons love monthly package buyers because more often than not we don’t tan enough to make the package price worth it.
  • Free shipping on orders over $75.00. Have you had to add items to your cart to qualify? If your cart has $35.00 in it then it’s cheaper to pay shipping.
  • Buy one get one 50% off. How many times has this gotten you into a store to discover the items you want are not included in the sale? Do you still purchase the items at full price?
  • Earn points when you use your credit card, unless you pay off your card immediately you are paying interest. How much will that great deal end up costing you by the time you pay it off?
  • Grocery coupon value going down or purchase requirement increased. Instead of $1.50 off of 1 item now we must buy 2 or 3 items to save $1.00. Are store brands a better deal?
  • 20% off any regularly priced item over a certain dollar amount. Were you planning on buying anything from that store to begin with?
  • O% interest for 18 months on purchases over $3000.00, don’t forget to add tax and delivery. Your purchase is now approximately $3330.00. If you are late just once on that $185.00 a month payment you are responsible for 18 months of interest at a very high rate.

Marketing departments are continually coming up with creative ways and catchy wording to get our attention. Not only must we pay closer attention and do the math on every purchase we make to ensure we are getting the best deal for our money, but we must make it a habit in everything we do. Or sometimes coupons cost money and a lot!


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  1. It’s all about the budget and stick to your list!

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