Money Saving Couponing Webinars

Welcome to our webinar section. Below you will find a selection of our recorded webinars. We hope you can make it to the live versions, but this is the next best thing.

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What are The Coupon Wizards Webinars and What Can I Expect?

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People ask me all the time: "What are the Coupon Wizards Webinars?" so I decided I would finally take a few minutes and write a quick post about them. One of the things that I decided when I launched The Coupon Wizards in January 2011 was that I wanted our page to be different. I wanted it to be more a family or community than just a page that spit out information but was never around when it was time to answer questions. To this end, I began to develop a series of live, online training sessions … [Read more...]