Child Proofing your Hotel Room

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Child Proofing Hotel Rooms

Are you child proofing when out of town? If you will be traveling with little ones, this is a must read for your kids safety and your sanity. As a mother of triplets, I have had to make sure I pack certain safety items to keep my curious toddlers safe. Some of these are common sense, some of these you may laugh.

child proofing when traveling

Call the hotel before the trip and ask about child proofing (some offer this service). When you first arrive, do a quick sweep of the room (this is usually done before the kids even go into the room). Look for any dangling electrical cords from lamps or small objects under the beds that housekeeping could have missed.

Child Proofing Musts

Light Socket Covers – just about every hotel room will have plenty of easily accessible sockets. Pack a handful in a Ziploc bag.

Duct Tape – Use it to tape bathroom door-latch openings (keeps little people from locking themselves in the bathroom).  If your kids are in the play-with-toilet-water stage, you can use a child-proof doorknob cover to keep them out of the bathroom. This can also be used to keep kids quiet. (Joking)

Use the door latch – Just about all hotel rooms will have a top latch that little ones can’t reach. Great for when Mom and Dad pass out from exhaustion. Unless you have my kids, who have helped each other scoot a chair over to the door and unlock it.

Pack Lysol Spray or Wipes – I will give the phone, remote, light switch and doorknobs a quick spray before anybody touches them. Wipes are great to clean table/desk before and after snacks.

If you have any additional tips or suggestions for child proofing a hotel room, please share them by commenting below.



  1. I always take the spread off the bed and throw it in the corner. They don’t wash them every time like they do the sheets and you don’t even want to think about what’s been done on it before you, lol!

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