Christmas Clearance Stock-Up Trip

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Christmas Clearance Trip

Want to know how I stock-up on essentials like Ziploc bags, foil, and paper towels? Look no further, I have the answer here!

Christmas clearance

All essentials at stock-up prices!

I had a busy morning yesterday, starting at 4:30 am at Walmart! Sure, I am a little nuts for sitting in my car in the freezing cold so early in the a.m. outside of Walmart, but it was well worth it when you see the items I stocked up on at a fantastic Christmas clearance price! After double checking my Clearance Coupons post, I knew I was ready and armed for action. When Walmart opened at 5 a.m., I walked through the door with a pretty good sized amount of other shoppers looking to score awesome deals on decorations, wrapping supplies, toys, and gift sets. Well, they must have been baffled as I walked towards the regular store aisles instead of the holiday section where they were headed.

See, I am not a newbie to holiday shopping, and so I knew that the items I would be looking for would NOT be located in the holiday clearance section, but still in their regular aisle shoved in between non-holiday items. When I spotted the most beautiful display of Ziploc holiday bags, I could only hope that they would be marked down for Christmas clearance. A quick price scan proved they were on clearance and I almost broke out a happy jig in the store, but for fear of embarrassing my family that was shopping with me, I did not. 🙂 After we loaded up on Ziploc bags we headed over to Walmart’s garden center, which is where there was a loaded display of Solo brand cups and plates.

Time for Target

After we grabbed our fair share of goodies at Walmart, we headed over to Target just in time for the store to open. We lined up with another good sized group outside (many of them whom I spotted at Walmart just a few minutes before) of Target hoping to yet again score some great deals on Christmas clearance items there. It turned into a Walmart repeat as everyone headed towards the Christmas clearance and I headed towards the regular paper towel shelf. Who wants snowman wrapping paper when you can stock up on Bounty paper towels and Reynolds foil at rock bottom prices? Not me! The deals were even sweeter as I used coupons to lower my out of pocket (OOP) on all of these items.

My Christmas Clearance Finds:

We divided the following into 5 households; each receiving an equal share of the much desired items:


22 Ziploc bags (4 types/sizes) @ $1.13 each = $24.86

Used $1/2 Ziploc bags coupons from 12/4 SS

= $0.63 each

10 assorted Solo brand items (plates, cups, and napkins) @ $1.25 each = $12.50

Used $0.75/1 Solo cup, plate, or bowl coupons from 12/4 SS

=$0.50 each (except for napkins as they were not included in coupon description, so we paid full price)


10 Bounty twin pack paper towel packs @ $1.24 each = $12.40

Used $0.25/1 Bounty paper towels coupon from 11/27 P&G

= $0.99 each pkg or $0.50 each roll

17 Reynolds foil (some 75 sq ft regular and some 50 sq ft heavy duty) @ $1.49 = $25.33

Used $0.55/1 Reynolds foil coupons from 11/13 SS

= $0.94 each

Total OOP = $46.24 for over $150.00 worth of essential products = 69% savings!

I would have gladly paid for these items at their clearance price of 50% off (which I have always done in years past), but using coupons made the deals so much sweeter as I saved an additional $30!

I would like to add that we did NOT clear any shelves since each item was fully stocked.  Plus, they’re on clearance for a reason. The store wants them out. Unlike regular store sales, I believe all bets are off on clearance and you can clear the shelves if you’ll use everything there.


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