Clean Blinds in 3 Easy Steps

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Clean Blinds in 3 Easy Steps

Clean Blinds in 3 Easy Steps

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We all use some sort of window treatment to cover our windows. Not only do these window treatments help to keep out some of the heat and humidity and the cold, but provide privacy for those living within the home. However, if you are like most people, to clean blinds can be quite tiresome to say in the least. There is an easy way to clean window blinds without taking them down.

Follow these steps on how you can clean your window blinds perfectly, the easy way and with minimal effort.


  1. Use Your Vacuum First – Pull out your handy vacuum to clean blinds of excess dust. Make sure that the blind is closed and then power up your vacuum. In a couple of seconds, your window blinds are clean for step 2.
  2. Make a solution of 1 part vinegar and 3 parts warm water. Spray closed blinds generously and let sit for 30 seconds to a minute/
  3. If you happen to have mismatched socks you also have the perfect blind cleaner. Slip the lonely sock a on your hand and wipe your hand across each window blind slat.You will be amazed at how much dust it picks up. Then toss it in the laundry basket, as you probably will come across its mate.

The above tips are easy solutions to clean blinds without spending all day to do it. These cleaning tips do not require you to remove the window blind at all.

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