Clear Surfaces Make Me Smile

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The Beauty of Clear Surfaces

Clear Surfaces LR

So how organized are you? I’m pretty organized in most areas although we all have room for improvement, right? My favorite organizing tip I’ve learned to treasure over the years is to keep as many flat surfaces as I can, clear. What I mean by that, is free of clutter! Free of the last month’s mail, free of appliances you don’t use at least bi-weekly, free of your most recent purchases, free of stuff that just lands & takes up residence. You get the idea.

All flat spaces in my home are clear surfaces (top of a desk), have minimal objects upon them (kitchen counters) or are decorated (like end tables) or serve a function (like chairs & couches). The only things on my sitting furniture (see picture above) are throw pillows and, ek um, cats. I’ve added some other example pictures of a couple areas of my house to give you an idea. My top reason for this? My house just looks cleaner. My second? It looks organized. Bonus Reason – It looks lived in, but not like a tornado just came through. Always ready for company is my motto. There’s a table behind the smaller couch that usually has a bunch of pictures on it, but as I’m trying to socialize 6 kittens at the moment, as evidenced by the one on the floor, it basically has nothing on it right now. Not until the kittens are gone.

My Clear Surfaces in the Main Part of My House
Kitchen Counters 2

Kitchen Counters

Another example of clear surfaces are these counters in my kitchen shown on the left. The long one that runs the length stays empty. The one to the right of the sink is my main food prep area so it stays empty too. The counter at the back holds my purse, my Foodsaver, which I use at least once or twice a week, and my cell phone charging at night. In the morning, the charger goes in the drawer below and the phone pretty much goes wherever I do. The purse, of course, goes out of the house with me.

Clear Surfaces Rolltop Desk 2

Spare Rolltop Desk

The rolltop desk to the right is a spare desk. It used to keep a desktop computer, but now it’s just the spare keyboard & mouse (they’re Buffalo Bills so I can’t part with them!), my tablet & charger and my trusty fox on top. A few things in the drawers I want handy outside of the home office & that’s pretty much it. The roll top stays closed most of the time.

Clear Surfaces DR 2

Dining Table

My dining room table (shown to the left) is mostly a decoration. Since there are only two of us, I rarely use it. When we do have company over though, all I have to do is clear the placemats & the fish and set it up with dishes. No having to move mounds of papers first or miscellaneous objects. It’s NOT a catch-all for our day to day living. A place for everything & everything in its place is another motto of mine. Other than the placemats, napkins & fish for prettiness, this is not a place I store stuff.

Clear Surfaces by Starting Small

This should give you a basic idea of what I mean by clear surfaces. Remember, to look tidy and organized, even if the cupboards & drawers are a mess right now, clear a surface. Start small. Find a home for everything on that surface except the essentials. An end table, a kitchen table, even just the top of your desk. Once you’ve tackled that area, work on another. Keep going until the only things left out are items you use a lot, nick-knacks and maybe the cat 😉 Stay tuned for more organizing tips in the future. Also, feel free to leave any comments with suggestions you have or ideas of areas you need to tackle.

Happy Organizing!


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