Commissary: Fact or Fiction

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Does the Commissary Raise Prices on Pay Day?


There is a very common myth that most people have heard out there and it is one of my favorites. “The Commissary jacks up prices for military pay days.” The concept to me is truly laughable and has always been so ever since I heard it. I am not sure where this nasty little rumor started. Probably by some angry ex-employee. It doesn’t matter. I can say with out a shred of doubt, this accusation is completely false.

The “at cost” fact does not change on the first and fifteenth of every month. If it did, do you really think you would be saving money shopping there at all? I would like to bring up this point as well, how would DeCA benefit from jacking up prices when they are not for profit? Think about it!

You don’t get a flyer mailed to your house from the Commissary because they aren’t allowed to spend the money on¬†advertising! Big chain grocery stores spend millions every year, making sure you get that flyer with that deliciously juicy, plump red, mouth watering apple right on the front cover. Every week that circular comes, just so you might walk into their store and drop a hundred bucks. The Commissary can’t do that.

Did you ever wonder why those baggers are so eager to bring your groceries to your car? They work for tips! That is right, not one single paycheck for those guys and gals! You ever wonder why your Albertson’s bagger just tossed your stuff into your cart and walked away? He gets paid either way, and it isn’t enough money to influence manners or good behavior, in most instances. So, if you just saved 90% on your Commissary bill, toss that bagger a buck! It is good juju! If you have another myth or tip to add, please post it in the comments below! You may be a contributor in an upcoming article!

Remember, DeCA is able to keep their prices either at cost or as close to cost as possible.


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  1. Bristol Choate says

    I adore your webpage and all of your short and helpful blogs. This one is the only one that I have trouble with. I grew up in a military family and now as a adult I coupon at the commissary. While some things will go on sale during payday they are not items that really matter, they are not items that every family consistantly purchases. I have learned from experience you get burned if you try and shop 2 days before, payday, and 2 days after. Milk, cereal, meat, baby items, and paper products are just a few items that will have their prices doubled or even tripled during payday. A great example that happens every single payday without fail is cereal, on the 7th I could go in and pay $1.50 for a box of Corn Chex and on the 15th walk in and find it for the price of $3.50 easy. The peelpad coupons that the Commissary is so great about putting out are normally hanging from the shelves around the 28th and removed before the 1st. I always try and do a quick run through around that time and see what new coupons have been set out. I love my Commissary, it is a wonderful privilege for the military and their families to use.

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