Commissary: Sales Cycles

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Commissary Sales Cycles

The Commissary will run their sales for an average 2 to 2 1/2 weeks at a time. Take note that the cycles are very different than your local stores. Their ads are available to you twice a month. They do have holiday savings cycles, they even go very German for the month of October. You know, keeping in the spirit of Oktoberfest! However, finding coupons for these items may be a pain from your local newspaper. A good majority of the time though, the Commissary itself just might have those coupons. Negotiating with those companies does work wonders!

Because of the longer sales periods, as well as the limited amount (in comparison to your local grocery chain) of brands they carry; the Commissary is able to have the same items on sale more times than not. It is because of this that many believe that pesky Commissary myth of price changing. It also makes it much harder to differentiate a regular price vs. a sale price. My suggestion is don’t fall into the trap of, “It is always that price.” You may find yourself getting burned like I have.

Commissary & National Promotions

Every military store adheres to a “National Promotion” sale. This means that every store will have those items listed as being on sale, provided that your store carries the item. When you look at the Commissary website, you will also note that under your store, there will be a “Managers Special” as well. Sometimes this list is very large and can differ widely in between each store. This is why only “National Promotions” are matched when doing a coupon match up.

Remember that just because DeCA is one company, each store may carry different items. Bigger Commissaries will have new items in faster than smaller Commissaries. The size of the Commissary, in my experience, is in direct correlation with the size and population of that base in which it resides. Do you have anything to add? Add your questions and comments below and be a contributor to this series!


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