Couponing Traps – Zealousness

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Common Couponing Traps – Zealousness

Common Couponing Traps – Zealousness

Common couponing traps are seen in both new and veteran couponers alike. To say that couponers at large are zealous about their coupons is an understatement. To say that a new couponer that has just scored their first big haul is overly zealous may be more of an understatement. After a few years of owning this coupon website, and a few more years in retail, it’s safe to say that serious coupons are one thing: SERIOUS! There is absolutely nothing wrong. For many people, couponing can be viewed as a job (part time or otherwise). You should take your job seriously. It’s an integral part of a successful budgeting and debt reduction campaign. If done properly, it will add as much income to your monthly cash flow as a part time job, so please proceed with being serious.

Where I get concerned is when couponers take it to the extreme. When people mention “extreme” couponing to me, it makes me wonder if they are “extreme” people. Very rarely have I met someone that is an extreme couponer that is not overly animated. In fact, most of them are down right dramatic. Folks, here’ s a newsflash: the meltdowns and drama that you witness when watching TLC’s extreme couponing is NOT acting! That is how these people act! Trust me.

As you start this journey, allow me to give you a piece of advice: CALM DOWN! It will be OK. It’s amazing how many people were all up in arms because the Wet n Wild coupons were scarce the last time they were out. They were so upset because they weren’t going to be able to get their already cheap makeup for free! They were going nuts because they couldn’t devour every last thing of free nail polish on Walmart’s already thinly stocked shelves. Guess what coupons are going to be around again? Wet n Wild Coupons. The reason I tell people to calm down is simple. The deals AND the coupons will always come back around. If you allow yourself to be an overly zealous and dramatic couponer, your life will be miserable and so will your results. Keep calm, stay relaxed. It’s gonna be OK.


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