Talking Nerdy- CompareMe App (iPhone/iPad only)

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Ever find yourself standing in the store wondering should you buy the $1 item with 8 ounces or the 24 ounce package for $3.50? I find myself in this situation a lot. That is one reason I love this app.

One of the Wiz Kids (I’m sorry I didn’t write down the name) had mentioned the Compare Me App. I downloaded it and LOVE IT!

You can very easily enter the price and qty of 2 products and it will compare them and tell you which is the better deal. The nice thing is if one product is in ounces and one is in pounds it will do the comparison for you. I found a few free apps but the type of measurement had to be the same. This app to me is a steal at $1.99.

Sadly right now this app is only available for iPhone and iPad. Hopefully they will branch out into the other platforms. This app has a lot of nice features. You can click here to read more about CompareMe. They even have a video you can watch so you can see it in action before pulling the trigger on this one.

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