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Garden Spot – Compost Tea

Compost Tea

Did you know you can make compost tea to apply to your existing lawn and plants that is better than fertilizer? Why? Spraying compost tea to the foliage of your lawn and plants not only helps suppress foliage disease, it also increases the available nutrients to the plant. The use of tea enhances microbes in the soil and microbes improve your soil structure by enhancing the decomposition of organic matter. Making your own compost fertilizer gives you peace of mind that what you spray it in your yard, it not only gives your plants the nutrients they need to survive, but it is also safe for your kids and animals.

How to Make Compost Tea

Tea is a nutrient rich liquid fertilizer made from compost. Take a bag you would use for washing delicates and fill with compost. Place the bag in a large bucket of water for 2 to 3 days. Remove bag, squeezing out as much liquid as you can, and put the wet mulch around your garden to help retain moisture.

Fertilizer Tea Application
  • Foliar Feeding Method: Foliar feeding is a technique of feeding plants by applying fertilizer directly to the leaves. It has been known for years that the foliar spraying method helps plants absorb essential elements through their leaves. Fill a large clean lawn and garden sprayer with your home made liquid fertilizer and apply to your lawn and plants.
  • Drench or broadcasting method: This is one of the simplest ways to apply compost tea to your plants in a medium to large area. This process involves distributing your homemade fertilizer over the top of the soil, rather than the leaves.
  • Watering Can: For your small potted plants, use a watering can. This method has a “softer spray” for your delicate plants.

The benefits that you can get from the use of making your own compost fertilizer tea are extremely rewarding, no matter the method in which you choose to apply it. You will have a nutrient rich water solution that can be used to feed your plants organically and is environmentally friendly. It’s a way of gardening in harmony with nature.

Happy gardening~ Valerie

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