Costing Money By Not Paying Attention at the Register

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Is It Costing Money?

Costing Money

Yes you guessed right from the title that something I was doing, or should I say wasn’t doing, was costing money at Walgreens. How did I do that? I didn’t pay attention to the transactions and allowed myself to become distracted, which then led me to become disorganized at checkout.

This was the plan when I got to Walgreens ~

Transaction #1
1 Colgate Optic White using $1.50 MQ and get a $2.00 RR back
1 Dr. Pepper 2 ltr using free MQ
2 Cover Girl blush using $8.00 MQ
The total would have been $3.47, Pay with $3.00 RR from a previous Cottonelle deal and $1.47 oop  (Tax not included)

Transaction #2
2 Cottonelle bath tissue using (1) $0.75 MQ, (2) Wags Q’s, use the $2.00 RR from the Colgate, Pay $5.20 cash and get $3.00 RR back

Transaction #3
2 Cottonelle bath tissue using (1) $0.75 Mq, (2) Wags Q’s, pay $7.20 cash and get $3.00 RR back

Total oop should have been about $13.87 but instead I paid $21.92 for a difference of $8.05.

This is what I did which was costing money I hadn’t planned on ~
#1. I did 2 transactions instead of 3 because I was distracted.
#2. Didn’t notice the Colgate Q expired ($1.50)
#3. Didn’t have the cashier remove the Colgate toothpaste ($3.99)
#4. Added 2 packages of Cottonelle to the first transaction meaning I could not use a Cottonelle RR to pay for the transaction and get another RR back.
#5. Didn’t notice the cashier did not scan the store Q ($2.00) on the 2nd transaction until I got home and looked at the receipts to see what happened.

What distracted me? The cashier. She told me she’s a new couponer and she’s really struggling so of course I go into Wizard mode and we chatted for about 20 min. I gave her our card, our Facebook site and my email. She kept saying how excited she was to come to our page and learn how to provide better for her family. Hopefully she also reads this article about costing money 😉

Will I go back and fix this mess and recover a couple of dollars? Absolutely not. The last thing I want to do is get a sweet cashier in trouble for a $2.00 over site for not scanning the store coupon. She was also distracted in her excitement that there really is light at the end of the tunnel for her.

I don’t feel as though I’ve really lost anything here. We now have a new member and I’ve made a new friend ~ That’s worth more than a couple of dollars any day!



  1. Absolutly a wonderful attitude! I am a couponer since January and I hate when I go into a store and see people cause a ruckus over a couple of bucks! I went to Walmart the other day and the cashier was new, 2 of my coupons would not scan and she was trying so hard to get them to, but they wouldn’t take them because they wouldn’t scan…according to the trainer, “If it doesn’t scan, security says we can’t take it” It was for 1.00 total for the 2 coupons. I didn’t through a fit, I wasn’t going to blame the poor cashier, it wasn’t her fault. SHe appoligized and gave them back to me. I still walked out paying 25.80 for 65.00 worth of stuff. I am thrilled to save a dollar so I’m not going to throw a fit and get the cashier into trouble over $1.00. Not worth it. Plus I am a cashier, and I KNOW what they have to deal with. So in short, good job on your part and making a friend is worth well more than any coupon! Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. I’ve done that kind of thing before as well. It used to really bother me, but now I take it as a lesson learned and move on. I’m still saving a ton of money : )

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