Coupon Burnout? It’s Okay To Take A Break

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Do You Have Coupon Burnout?

coupon burnout

Do you have coupon burnout? Well, do you have a large stack of unclipped or unfiled inserts? Are all of your coupons in your binder expired? Are you letting the deals slide by and just tossing the ad flyers straight into the circular file? Do you just roll your eyes at the mention of another free toothbrush or a stock-up of toothpaste? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be suffering from “Coupon Burnout.”

When we start couponing, it’s easy to get caught up in the learning of the ropes, the organization, the planning and the shopping. All of these things become consuming and take over the way you used to do things. Once we change our ways to become more frugal, it seems that we are looking for coupons everywhere, using them on everything, and rarely have a conversation that does not end up on the topic of Couponing and saving money.  While these are all great things to do and be excited about, sometimes, enough is enough and coupon burnout ensues. As with anything you dedicate yourself to, it’s possible to get burnt out!  We see it in people who have high stress jobs, people who start crafts of hobbies, and we see it in Couponing.

Take a Break to Avoid Coupon Burnout

Because we have dedicated our ways to lead a more frugal lifestyle, we are used to saving big when we shop so Coupon Burnout will probably not last long. It’s okay to live off of your stockpile. That is what it’s there for. It is not just to stand in front of and admire 🙂 It is there for you so that you don’t have to go to the store every day! But once that stockpile decreases, you will have to head to the store to restock. Be prepared for the cashier to ask  you to pay an astronomical amount and try not to cry in the check out line when you actually have to pay the amount shown on the screen.

It is okay to have a burnout periodically and take a break. Sales and coupons are all on cycles so there is no rule to you sitting one of those cycles out. If you have a stockpile that can sustain you and your family for a period of time, try just making a vow that you will obtain the free or less than $1.00 items for a while, until you feel you want to start up again. Try taking the summer off to enjoy your activities and start up again when the kids head back to school.

Couponing Requires Balance Too

Be mindful that we all need to balance the things in our lives, couponing included. The most important things in life are the people you coupon for, but if you are spending all of your time swimming in inserts, you won’t notice what’s going on around you. Keep things in perspective, know it’s okay to let some of those deals pass you by and enjoy the benefits that couponing has given you. You won’t lose the knowledge you have obtained, even if you pass a few sales by.

So, if you feel like you are suffering from Coupon Burnout, know you that you are not alone. Take a breather, but keep honing your skills, because more than likely, you will be back at it soon!

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  1. Daniel Land says

    I soo understand what you mean and thought i was the only one for awhile…lol

  2. Very well written and very true. Thanks for putting that into perspective!

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