Coupon Magic App Tip: Notification Center iOS

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NCNow that you know you have notifications turned on. What do you do when you miss one? That’s where Notification Center (NC) comes in. NC allows you to swipe down from the top of your screen to reveal anything that you may have missed including missed calls, text messages, new emails, current weather and so much more.


To reveal NC you swipe your finger downward across the clock at the top.


NC04 NC01

In order to ensure the ‘Coupon Magic‘ app is showing up in NC you go into ‘Settings’, click ‘Notifications’, find the ‘Coupon Magic’ app and make sure ‘Notification Center’ is turned ON.

*You can also go back to ‘Notifications’ and click ‘Edit’ and drag the ‘Coupon Magic’ app higher up the list to make its notifications appear higher on the list.*


Notifications Notifications NC02

We are also in the process of adding a ‘Notifications’ section inside the app. This notifications section will not contain ‘ALL’ push notifications since some are time sensitive based on the deals, but it will contain various informative ‘Notifications’ in regards to SCM and The Coupon Wizards.

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