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Coupon Organization

Our coupon closet

Couponing in our household  is a family affair. My wife and I made this a joint venture. We started off the same way as many of our new followers, we needed to save money and didn’t know where to start. We stumbled upon the Coupon Wizards and started watching many of the webinars that are being offered right now. We are a family of 4 and decided 6 inserts would be enough for our stockpile. As we started accumulating coupons we quickly got overwhelmed. There had to be a better way for coupon organization. After several variations, here is what we ended up with and has worked very well over the last year. We converted our guest bedroom closet to our couponing space. This seems a little extreme in itself but we are fortunate to have the extra space and it allows us to keep the coupons off the tables and our 2 children from getting their hands on them.

Coupon Organization
We converted two closet shoe organizers into an insert organizer. It will hold 6 months of inserts with extra space for P&G, Green/Yellow Advantage Flyers, and older inserts that still contain valid coupons. We store RP and SS separately one on the left and one on the right. There will be one whole month of inserts per cubby. They get separated by a piece of paper with the date of the inserts and the expiration date for longest coupon within the insert.

Coupon Organization

The area we struggled most is with our printable coupons. We now sort our printables by expiration in a medium sized file folder case. The only issue with this is some matchups do not give you the expiration date of printables. However, this method is still easier than just having large stacks of printables. This also gives us a place to store blinkies and other miscellaneous coupons. Within this organizer we separate Target coupons from MFG coupons. There are 6 folders labelled Jan-Jun on one side and Jul-Dec on the other. Since they are organized by expiration as one month ends the previous months are trashed, the folder is flipped and added to the back. Coupons with an expiration longer than 6 months are grouped together and sorted at a later date.


We hope giving you a peek into our organized chaos gives you some idea on how you can organize your coupons. Keep trying out new things and get creative! Also, make sure to check out how the other wizards organize their coupons.

What we love most about our organization is either myself or my wife can walk in and put together a shopping list based on matchups and our stockpile quantity on hand. We spend minimal time with them until they are needed and if you noticed we do not use a binder at all. If its not on our list then we don’t get it. Sure,we may miss out on some clearance matchups but it also keeps us from buying things just because it was a good price. Ultimately, you have to consider the opportunity cost of the time you spend with your coupons especially when both parts of the team work full-time jobs and for us the extra family time gained by this method far out weighs the clearance deals we may miss.

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