Coupon Organization For The “On The Go” Shopper

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Coupon organization is a must when planning a shopping trip!

Coupon organization means different things to different people.  How many  different ways have you tried to organize your list, coupons, ECB’s or RR’s, and your store coupons when heading out for your shopping trips? If you are like me, you have struggled with coupon organization.  You may  have tried a few ways, and failed with a few ways!

I finally picked out and bought a small organizer. In the hopes that would be my cure, it arrived; I opened it and immediately knew this was going to be for me!

coupon organization

It is small enough to fit in my purse and has 13 slots in it. It has a fold over lid that has a loop closure and nothing falls out! I have each slot labeled for a store I shop at. Under each store slot, I keep the store loyalty card (if that store has one), store coupons, any ECB’s, RR’s, etc, and any rain checks I have for that store.  Everything has a home, I NEVER lose anything and since it stays in my purse, I always know where it is.

coupon organization

 If I am planning a CVS trip, I get into the CVS slot; pull out any rain checks or store coupons I have to see if they can be used for this trip. I gather all my mfg coupons to go with my list. Once I have all my coupons gathered and list is complete I fold the list in half to make a “folder” and all of the coupons and ECB’s, if any, are put in the folder. Any store coupons or rain checks I am not using go back into the CVS slot so they are not lost. Then, the “folder” I made with what I am using inside goes into the CVS slot also.

coupon organization

When I shop sometimes, I like to hit 2-3 stores in one trip. If I want to make this a 3 store trip, I do the same as I did with CVS to make my list and gather coupons together for the other 2 stores. Then my organizer gets closed and back into my purse it goes!

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Now, I am ready to shop! When I get to the store, I go to that store’s slot, pull out the list and coupons and get what I need then head to cashier.  After I am done, my store loyalty card and the receipt go back into that stores slot for safe keeping until I get home. Then off to the next store and I do the same. When I get home, I will pull my receipts out to log them into my savings spreadsheet.

I still use my binder and file box at home to hold all my coupons, but this proved to be the best method for me to achieve coupon organization when I shop. I hope if you are still trying to find the best way for you, this can help!


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  1. i use the same method too! i used to use the binder system, but that took too long, and it was heavy! i only cut the coupons i need based on the weekly store ads.

  2. Dawn Cates says:

    I use my binder to organize my coupons but I have been playing with this idea for a few weeks now and Im loving it. Also you can find the coupon holders at most dollar trees right now, they are made of plastic and nice and sturdy!

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