Inserts – How Wizard Valerie Organizes Them

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Organizing Inserts

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Breaking Down  My Inserts

I get my inserts from 3 sources every week and it had become a very  time consuming chore to break them down. That is until a light bulb went off in my head recently and what a difference it makes!! Now, I’m kicking myself for not figuring out this tip to break them down sooner!

Each week I get four local sets, one from home delivery + three from friends as well as  ten sets from Insert Insanity. I now have three sources because Insert Insanity get their papers from both the Tampa Tribune and the St. Petersburg Times. While you would think those two would be identical, they are not as I’m sure many of you have discovered for yourselves.

While some of the coupon pages match up 100%, most of them don’t so I decided to try this:

  • Separate inserts into stacks of local, Tampa and St. Pete. (You can find that information on the spine of each insert)
  • I break down the local ones, staple the pages together and move on to Tampa, repeat process and then St. Pete. It doesn’t matter what order but you get the idea. If you get only 1 local set of inserts, don’t even bother breaking it down, just file it whole with the rest of them.
  • File each coupon insert in the same hanging folder by date, ie: 10/2 SS etc. This has saved me a ton of time trying to match up coupon pages and creating a mess all over the table because all of the pages fall right into place with each other.
Organizing Each Insert
I keep a box for trash like ads, a stapler, pen, a magnifying glass to read the spine and tabs for the hanging folders. Once they are stapled I make the tab and file them. I also include folders for P&G, magazines with coupons I may buy, printable coupons etc. You will know what you need as you go.
I also keep a binder. As I break my inserts down, I clip coupons I see for items I use regularly like eggs, dairy, meat etc. Pet Supermarket releases coupons the beginning of the month and I clip those as well. I file those coupons in my binder so I have fast access to them. I break it down by category like beauty, dairy, dogs , meat etc.
What tricks have you come up with to help you organize your coupons?




  1. When I seperate mine, I put like ones togather then staple them togather so that they do not get seperated then they go into my binder…in the store I just tear off as many as I need……

  2. I’ve been at this since feb and I read ppl saying it takes 15 mins it always takes me hours I’ve watched all the webinars I do it the right way I just don’t know how in the world someone can say it takes minutes

  3. Amanda I hear ya!! Maybe they have alot of energy drinks in them …maybe 15 per insert of 10 sets and thats a maybe. I need to do todays yet I will time myself.

  4. I file all my inserts by date. I dont sort or clip anything till needed. I have a file box for two weeks inserts. (I get hundreds of them so I cant file in folders) I clip them all together for that date and write the date on the front of the first one. Then stick them all in the box. (all come from AJC) I then match the sale with the coupons which I get a great list online that tells me what inserts they are in, then I simply pull that insert clip and put the insert back in the box. I dont have 1000’s of coupons in binders and I have no mess! 🙂 At first when I started I felt like I had coupons everywhere. Now I simply have a few boxes and clip when needed. This method really does take about 30 mins total. But I am adding in the price match up for the week with that. It takes me no more than 10 mins to clip the coupons once I have my list.

  5. I used to keep my inserts whole and then just clip them when I needed a certain coupon. It does save some time that way but now I cut and sort them all by red plum, pg, ss, ect and the separate each coupons into sections in my binder by product type, diary, household, feminine, snacks, ect. I find that it take 2x’s or more time to do it this way but at least I can also search for a particular type of coupon when needed. There’s always those times when I need something particular for a recipe or something and now I can at least get some type of discount on it rather then paying full price.

  6. I still love my binder method. I get all my papers from the same source. I separate each page, staple the coupons, set them aside until I am done with all my inserts. I then clip them all and place them into the appropriate pile for which tab they will be filed under. Then I file away. I usually pop a movie in the blu-ray, or catch up on my dvr. It doesn’t take me that long, I’m done before a movie ever is. I still do my price matches and pull my q’s before a trip but still bring my binder for those unexpected clearance finds.

  7. Emma Pfanner says

    I started with the binder method 2 years ago. I have graduated from a 2″ binder to a 4″ binder. I love using my binder and it makes me feel all neat and organized when I go shopping. I tried the file method for about 4 weeks – it made me feel out of sorts and very disorganized…I would go on trips and not have all the coupons I needed and then find deals in the stores and not have the coupon or know what insert it was in (I don’t own a smartphone!) so I would spend another 10 minutes in the car flipping thru pages in a stack of inserts trying to find the coupon I needed for the deal I just found….once I had to make 3 trips back into the same store because of this issue. It was after this trip that I started to do this: I clip the coupons for items I use regularly, high value coupons and ones that don’t exclude trial sizes. I file those in my binder by category (dairy, pasta, paper, cereal, etc) The rest of the inserts remain intact and I put them in a small binder clip with a sticky note on the front with the date of the inserts. then if I find a match-up for a coupon I didn’t clip, I just find the stack and clip before I go shopping….the rest are in my binder ready to go when I’m ready to go. It has made me feel better organized than using the file method alone.

    But we all know what works for one doesn’t work for everyone – so if this helps even one person find something that works for them…my job is done! Thanks to all the Wizards for the matchups and links…ya’all are wonderful!

  8. Gail Devine says

    I have a small area to work with so any method that utilizes space is awesome. I use a expendable folders and sort that way, when done I staple and file in a bin.

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