What are The Coupon Wizards Webinars and What Can I Expect?

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People ask me all the time: “What are the Coupon Wizards Webinars?” so I decided I would finally take a few minutes and write a quick post about them. One of the things that I decided when I launched The Coupon Wizards in January 2011 was that I wanted our page to be different. I wanted it to be more a family or community than just a page that spit out information but was never around when it was time to answer questions. To this end, I began to develop a series of live, online training sessions that would teach people how they could coupon effectively. Over the last couple of years, the curriculum as vastly expanded to so much more than it was when we started. The feedback that I have received from the long time followers of our page is that they can take these sessions over and over again and always learn something new. The webinars themselves are very easy to follow. In their rawest form, they are an online class. When you sign up, you are sent an email with the link to log in when the time comes. Don’t worry because they will also send you a reminder the morning of the webinar to be sure you remember to come!

Once the big night comes, all you have to do is log in and wait for the show to begin. When you take the webinar, you will think that it is just for you. There may be almost 200 other people on the call but the information is presented in such a way that you will have no clue how many people are really watching. They don’t know you are there and you don’t know they are there. The class will begin with a couple of ground rules explaining how to ask questions and communicate with me as he I am teaching. After that, the slide show with bullet points will appear on your screen and you will follow along on your screen while he I talk. I can’t hear anything you say, so background noise will only be annoying to you! When you want to ask a question, you simply type it into the text box and it will show up on my screen. While I may not acknowledge it right away, I can promise you that I see it. Most of the time I will answer the questions contextually in the presentation. If I do not, then I will simply acknowledge the question and let you know that the answer will be coming shortly that it “isn’t the right time” for that yet. Usually after the first 15 minutes I find that people begin to get in sync with my thought process and they actually start asking the questions about one slide early.

When the webinar is over, I stay on the computer as long as necessary to assure that you are able to get all of your questions answered. The webinars are scheduled to last an hour. Sometimes they are less, many times they last longer. It all depends on the amount of questions asked at the end of the session. In addition we make ourselves available to reply to email all of the time. The best part is that if you have a question and need and answer now, we formed our own community network which is basically like a Facebook for couponers! You can go there and ask your questions in our 24 hour a day live chat room. There is also a coupon Trading Post, a place for the members to brag about their shopping trips by writing up quick posts and sharing pictures. We have a spot for recipes and even a place to print coupons. If you have not become a part of Serious Coupon Magic, click here to check it out.

People always want to know “What’s the catch?” There is no catch. This is the backbone of our community. When I started the page to help people, I made it my personal mission to always be accessible to the people who wanted to learn. This is one of the only things in life that you will find are truly free. It is my personal honor and privilege to be able to share my experiences with you. I look forward to “meeting” many more of you in the days to come.


  1. Gale Kelly says

    With prices rising, now is the time for everyone to coupon, if you haven’t before.. then start now! And the best place to learn is with this community. If you think that clipping a coupon and going to the store is going to cut it for you, think again. I have been a part of this community for at least 1 1/2 years and I am ALWAYS learning new things! Thank you David, admins and wiz kids for all your knowledge!

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