Types of Coupons

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Coupons are issued from a variety of sources.  The following is a list of the types of coupons that you will run into on a regular basis:

Manufacturer – these are the old fashioned coupons that we grew up with.  They are issued by manufacturers in attempt to persuade you to purchase their product.

Store– store coupons are issued by specific retailers in an effort to persuade you to shop at their specific store.

$ off Your Total – these coupons are one of the best.  They take a specified dollar amount off of your total order at the end of the transaction.  These are almost always store coupons.

Competitor – these are store coupons that are issued at one store i.e. Target that you are allowed to use at another store, i.e. Publix.

Internet Printable – these coupons are downloaded and printed from the internet from a couponing website such as coupons.com or from the manufacturer website itself.  In order to print these coupons you will have to download and install specific software to your computer.  In rare instances, companies will post a .pdf version of their coupon on their site.  Most printable coupons allow you to print them a limit of two times.

Blinkies – these are the coupons that you see hanging from the shelf with the blinking red light.  They are all over most grocery stores. You can find them in the aisles, in the dairy department and in frozen food.

Peelies– these are the coupons that are placed on products at the point of sale that you can peel off and use in that shopping trip.

Hangtags– these coupons are usually on drinks, detergents, medicines and anything else that has a bottleneck.  They called hang tags because they hang from the prodcut.  Contrary to peelies, these coupons typically don’t have any adhesive on them.

Tearpads – These are exactly what they sound like.  They are the pads that sales and marketing reps from the various companies place on or around the shelf of the specified product.  You are able to “tear” off the coupons and use them for that product or others that pair nicely with it.

Catalinas – these coupons are named after the Catalina Marketing Corporation.  They are the coupons that print out at the point of sale and are handed to you with your receipt.  These coupons can be either store coupons or manufacturer coupons.  Many times they are discarded into the trash along with the receipt, never to be seen again and redeemed.

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