What to Expect from Coupons – March Edition

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What to Expect from Coupons in March

Ready to learn about what to expect from coupons in March? It is hard to believe that we are into the third month of 2015 already. It literally seems like yesterday that the kids were tearing through wrapping paper on Christmas morning and now it’s a distant memory. As winter draws to a close and spring is upon us, we are in a fun time of the year for couponers. The weather will begin to change, the days will become longer and people will be staying out of their homes more and more. Little League, scouting and other activities will be going full speed and many people will be looking for convenience over price. DON’T get caught in that trap! Let’s take a tour around our virtual store so that you know what to look for!

What to Expect from Coupons and Produce

In the produce department, domestic strawberries are at the peak of their season. Look for store produce coupons that will help them to move inventory. Here in the strawberry capital of the world, we are celebrating the Strawberry Festival in Plant City. You truly can’t get better berries than fresh berries from Plant City, Florida. As we move into the official arrival of spring and the subsequent entry of summer, berry supply will move from Florida to California to Mexico. Pricing will drop to all time lows from Memorial Day to July 4th, but quality will suffer. We have had a pretty mild winter here this year, so your berries should be great. Easter is a big produce holiday as well. You should see the usual suspects like mushrooms, potatoes and celery on sale. One of my favorites enters the picture at this time of year though, bulk bunch carrots. I love to buy the carrots with the tops on them from the produce ice bed (refrigerated case in some stores). You can typically get them on sale 3 lbs for $1.00. You may start to see melons show up in produce displays. STEP AWAY FROM THE MELONS!  Seriously. They will be poor quality and very much overpriced.

What to Expect with Seafood

Seafood will do more business during Lent than they did from Thanksgiving through the New Year. They know this. You should be really scouring your seafood ads in the paper and taking advantage of some of their sales. However, what you should really be doing is planning on looking for marked down products after Lent draws to a close. Even though much of the product is frozen and will keep, the stores will not want to carry the excess inventory for a long period of time as storage freezer space is very limited and they will need it for the heavy hitters of summer that will be popping up in the next few months. To summarize on what to expect from coupons, buy a little seafood now, buy a little seafood later. Look for those $/$+ meat & seafood coupons a lot of stores offer this time of year. If you have ways to vacuum seal and freeze bulk purchases, you will be golden. A quick note about purchasing and freezing seafood. If they have shrimp on sale for a hot price as they did at Publix a few weeks back, go ahead and request that they get yours from the freezer. You don’t want to take shrimp that has already been thawed and then refreeze it if you can avoid it at all. You will thank me for this one later.

What to Expect from Coupons in the Meat Department

The meat department is exiting roasting season and entering grilling season. It’s sort of like those “awkward teenage years” for the meat department. The big item during the month of March will be ham. People eat more ham than anything else for Easter. Again, we don’t buy our ham before the holiday, do we? Let’s get what we need to get through, but then be ready to pick up some excess inventory for an awesome stockpile price the week immediately following Easter. Ham has a long shelf life, but meat mangers don’t want inventory dollars tied up in cold weather food. They would rather cut the pricing and move it out to make room for the boys of summer, ribeyes, strips and t-bones. Again, look for the $/$+ meat coupons!

How About Dairy?

Gone are the days of the New Year Resolutions. The dairy department will be moving cream based products instead of yogurt. Look for deals on cream cheeses and dips. Also, shredded cheeses and other casserole ingredients will have one final push before we move into cheeseburger season and Kraft Singles returns to it’s throne. Otherwise, I don’t have to tell you that dairy departments will sell more eggs the week before Easter than the 6 months after the holiday. Make sure you are checking dates, make sure you are checking your packages for broken eggs and make sure you buy your eggs on refrigeration. Many stores will have pallets of eggs out on the floor. Yes, they can survive off of refrigeration. However, I get concerned about the store’s ability to remember to rotate the unrefrigerated products into the cooler. No salmonella for me thank you.

What to Expect from Coupons - frozen foods

The Frozen Foods Area

March is Frozen Food month. You will be able to rack up this month if you play your cards right. Many of the inserts will have special “frozen food month” sections in them. What to expect from coupons? Lots of them! We have already seen this with the inserts that came out on February 22. Watch for big time deals with store coupons and Catalina promotions. This is when frozen food makes it’s push to be the dominant category in the store. Granted, they will rule the summer with ice cream and other treats, but this is the time to pick up those things that aren’t often on sale. I can’t really narrow it down to the best deals in Frozen Food because they are promoting the whole department for the month of March!

Miscellaneous Store Offerings

Grocery will start to level out now. Canned goods may have one last Hail Mary to get rid of inventory, but for the most part, you are headed into prime condiment season. This is the time of year to look for ketchup, mayo, mustard and all of the grilling sauces that your heart desires. Specifically, as you are shopping the grocery aisles, look for point of sale coupons. Peelies and hangtags are some of the weapons of choice for marketers as they want to get their brand recognized before all of the others.

Stock up on cleaning supplies NOW! This is the time of year that we will buy all of our kitchen, bathroom and household cleaning supplies. There are tons of sales, bonus sizes, store coupons, manufacturer coupons and rebates. You need to be scouring the stores for the best deals possible on these items. Trust me, you will find stockpile prices galore on window cleaner, wipes, disinfectant and trash bags.

Once Easter is gone, things will slow down for a couple of weeks. We will be in a bit of a lull until Memorial Day. Take advantage of these deals now because things may be sparse for a few weeks once Easter is over. Thankfully, it’s late this year, so the coupons appear to be staying hot all the way through!


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  1. I love reading your articles. You are always on the ball w/how things are sold. I’ve always known how the sales go into play; but, never really thought about it on paper, lol. I know when ketchup/mustard will be on sale, soups & stews in the winter, and how each season/holiday always has a play w/certain foods; but, just never sat down and thought about it, lol. Thank You for another great article.

  2. Gale Kelly says

    Once again David, thank you for this information. I put a shortcut to your article on my desktop and I will print this out and put it in my “couponing folder”. :):)

  3. Gale Kelly says

    Once again David, thank you for a great article. I have a made a short cut to my desktop and will printout this information – and enter it in my couponing folder.:):)

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