Store Brands or Couponing? Bring On The Battle

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Store Brands vs. Couponing

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Wizard Valerie gave us some insight on store brands in her article on Are Stores Brands A Good Value?. Today we are going to look at whether stores brands or couponing offer you the better value. The short answer is, sometimes. It’s really a matter of doing the comparison, so let’s break down the math on some deals.

Sometimes Store Brands Beats Couponing

Today was a good example of this. I needed coffee creamer. Here were my options…

Natural Bliss Coffee Creamer, Caramel- $2.28 16 fl oz

Nestle Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss Liquid Coffee Creamers, 16 oz $1/2

Walmart 02/23/2012 Price Per Bottle – $1.78

Walmart Brand Creamer, Chocolate Caramel- $1.44 16 fl oz

Walmart Brand won at $0.09 per fl oz vs Natural Bliss for $0.12 per fl oz.

Couponing Fights Back

Here are a few comparisons where couponing comes out ahead. To even the playing field, these comparisons will be done on deals without any rewards on purchases. These deals are sometimes improved by receiving “store dollars” back on a purchase or having them to cover the out of pocket cost you would have paid. Since in my area Great Value and Equate at Walmart are the cheapest store brands, I am using these for the comparisons since if I were not using coupons, that is where I would have purchased them.

Sargento Provolone Cheese- $2.99 8oz-  BOGO Sale at Winn Dixie
Used $.50/2 coupon
Paid $1.25 per 8 oz package ($0.16 per oz)

Walmart Brand Provolone Cheese- $3.38 12 oz
$0.29 per oz

Hefty Garbage Bags- $7.99 45 Bags- BOGO Sale at Winn Dixie
Used (2) $1 Off Coupon per set
Paid $3.00 per box ($0.07 per bag)

Walmart Brand- $6.57 40 Bags
$0.17 per bag

Carefree Pantyliner- $1.00 18 ct- Rite Aid
Use (1) $1 Coupon
Paid $0.00 ($0.00 per)

Walmart Brand Liners- $1.98 56 ct
$0.04 per liner

Sometimes Store Brands vs Couponing Doesn’t Matter

I am a big fan of orange pop.  Today I did this deal…

Crush 2 Liter- $1.38
Used (1) $1/3 Coupon
Paid $0.95 per 2 Liter

Sam’s Choice Orange Pop- $0.84

In this case I still went with the Crush even though the store brands Sam’s Choice was cheaper. I’m not a fan of the Sam’s Choice drink and buying the Crush with the coupon was still better then paying full price.

It’s all a matter of doing the comparison and watching the prices. This is one of the reasons I keep a price book on items I purchase regularly.  This allows me to compare a couponing deal to see where I will come out ahead.


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