Couponing – What Does it Mean Exactly?

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How to Coupon – Answering the Most Asked Question

How to Coupon - What is a CouponingWhat is couponing exactly? How many times have you been asked that?!?!? If you’re new to this whole couponing game and just learning how to coupon, get ready for that question to come up. A lot! When I’m asked that question, it’s a little different. Usually it’s my husband being asked, “What does your wife do for a living?” Then it’s him responding with, “She’s a couponer.” Well kind of. I am a couponer, but running a couponing blog, and teaching others to do this, is actually my job. Along with doing it myself to save money. So I have a little more ‘splainin to do.

For the general “What is a Couponer” question though, I usually answer with this:

“I gather coupons from the newspapers and the Internet and match them to store sales to get the best deal. When I find the best deal, I don’t buy just one or two of an item, I buy enough to last my family for the next 3-6 months so I don’t have to pay full price the next time we need it.”

This is the short answer, obviously, but it answers a few questions. It doesn’t teach how to coupon, but they’re not asking that. Well not yet, anyway. What it tells them is what a couponer is, where we find the coupons, the basic premise of what we do and why we do it. I don’t like to tell people I stockpile. They usually start envisioning a Dooms-Day Prepper or a Hoarder, which of course, most of us are not. So I prefer to explain what a stockpile is, in its simplest terms.

What do you tell people when they ask you what couponing means? If you find yourself giving a long, drawn out answer, try mine on for size. Then when they ask how to coupon, if they do, you can expand more. Or, point them over here where they can learn for themselves.

Until next time. Happy Couponing!

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