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Printables are a great way to supplement your files and binders. Oftentimes, manufacturers will upload printables at higher values than you will see in your Sunday paper. By coming to The Coupon Wizards Savings Center, you can print coupons from all of the major coupon sites:,,, and Printing has never been easier. Simply click the button of the site you would like to visit and you will immediately be ready to print away. If you want to surf all of the most recent printable coupons, it’s as simple as clicking the “Latest Printable Coupons” banner at the top of this page. When you click here, you are directed to the most recently uploaded printables arranged in chronological order.


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While many people view e-coupons as the wave of the future, the fact is that they are here! Whether you load them to a loyalty card like Upromise, Savingstar or Cellfire, or you simply use a smartphone app like iBotta, there are plenty of savings to be had through the use of e-coupons. The great part about these is that you are able to stack some of them with manufacturer coupons to increase your overall savings. While not all Savingstar and Upromise coupons should be stacked, $5/$20 purchases etc can be stacked with no problem. iBotta is awesome because you can actually earn cash back in addition to the manufacturer coupons you use on your purchases. To get information on the most recent e-coupons, it’s as simple as the click of a button with your mouse. Click on the appropriate image above and you will be immediately re-directed to the most recent e-coupons for that site.

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What to Expect from Couponing

While printable coupons and e-coupons are great supplements, the truth is that the Sunday paper is still the absolute best source of coupons for your coupon stockpile. Make sure to find yourself an insert service, or go to the store every Sunday, to get your coupons so you have them. There may not be a deal this week, but you never know what the next weeks have in store! If you want to see what is coming out in the next paper, you can click on the Sunday Coupon Insert Preview button to find the most recent preview of forthcoming coupons. The Sunday Coupon Insert Schedule is exactly as it sounds. It is the schedule of what coupons you should plan to receive on the corresponding date. While it’s not 100% accurate for all areas of the country, it usually pretty close. Many couponers find comfort in knowing what to expect before they brave the early Sunday morning elements to procure their papers.