Cozy Book Nook from a Cluttered Closet

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Cozy Book Nook

Interested in making a cozy book nook from a closet? I am a self admitted Pinterest addict. I can log in to look for a recipe for dinner and 3 hours later, my kids are wondering why mom hasn’t started cooking. About a month ago, I was lost in Pinterest-land and came across a picture of a closet that was made into a book nook. When I showed it to my husband, he said it looked easy enough to do. Whenever he says that, I know something isn’t going to go as planned and I will somehow end up injured. I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best!

My 7 year old has the smallest bedroom in the house, but for some reason, she has the largest closet. It is easier for me to store her clothes in a dresser, so the closet was just wasted space. Over time, it turned into a catch all for everything from Barbie shoes to board games. With 2 mirrored sliding doors, it was also an outdated eyesore. I decided to give her a closet makeover and transform that cluttered mess into a cozy book nook for her.

cozy book nook

When we cleaned everything out of the closet, I wasn’t shocked to find a few odd ball socks, game pieces, and even a roll of paper towels mixed in with the stuffed animals and other toys. I guess that’s what I get for letting a 7 year old clean her own room unsupervised!

The Cozy Book Nook Begins

We removed the mirrored doors and took down the top track. My husband built a bench inside the closet, anchoring it to the studs in the walls. Just as I predicted, this is where I was injured. My fingers managed to get pinched between the track and the wall causing a not so pretty blood blister. It never fails, I always end up getting hurt. But the show must go on, my daughter was getting impatient!

For the bench cushion, I used a top sheet sewn to make a large pillow. For filling, I did something I don’t recommend unless you want a huge mess. My daughter had a beanbag that had a dime size hole in it. For some crazy reason, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to use the poly fill from that bean bag to fill the cushion in the book nook. BAD IDEA!!! I had little white balls everywhere! It looked like Frosty the Snowman had gotten sick in my basement. I wrote it off as a lesson learned and now know to use batting for any future projects.

While we were coming up with the design, I allowed my 7 year old to pick all of the colors and fabrics. She decided she wanted the walls to be hot pink. Well it’s winter here in Michigan and that means I won’t paint. I can’t open the windows for ventilation and if I did, we would freeze in no time. So we did the next best thing. I found a hot pink sheer curtain at the thrift store and tacked that up on the wall for the now. When it warms up outside, we will paint.

cozy Book Nook


My sister in law gave me the dark purple curtains and I hung them with a tension shower rod. My husband put in a few screws to secure it to the wall so no little ones can pull it down. We still have to hang some rope lights to make it bright enough for reading. Now I just have to make sure the book area doesn’t end up full of everything except books! Her cute little cozy book nook was born!



  1. That’s AWESOME !! You did a GREAT job & it looks great. Love how you improvized til the weather gets better. I’m sure that she’s in aaaawwww & is enjoying her little spot.

  2. Dawn Cates says

    I love this idea!

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