Craigslist is a great place to find items for cheap and make money selling your unwanted goods!

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Craigslist Logo

Craigslist is a network of websites (separate ones for each city or general area of the country) that feature online advertisements. Sellers can list on the site for free and buyers can browse for free. This week I went through my daughter’s room and pulled out a train table and an art easel that she was no longer using. I was able to sell the train table for $45 and the art easel for $30! Then I found a man’s valet stand that wasn’t being used anymore and sold that for $30! So this week alone I made $105! All of the items I was able to sell at 30-50% of their original price. Of course some items will sell better than others but it’s all worth a try to me!

How to List On Craigslist

All you have to do is take a few pictures of your item (4 max per post) then go to to set up your account and list the item. Put in a short description, a price, and the location where people can pick up the item. Upload your pics and your listing will remain on the site for 45 days in most cities (although a handful of the really large metropolitan areas have a shorter duration because of so many listings). The number and variety of listings is extensive – everything from job classifieds, housing, services, toys, clothes, antiques, cars, even discussion forums. You can request for buyers to email you (using a disguised email address provided by Craigslist to protect your information) or you can choose to leave your phone number or other contact information.  Personally I stick to the disguised email address and then I can choose who to respond to.

Where to Meet Buyers

I also take precaution to meet potential buyers or sellers in public places (parking lots of major stores, or even at the front entrance to my office building) just for security purposes. You might even try to bring a friend with you just in case. All in all, selling unwanted items on Craigslist is a nice FREE alternative to selling on eBay (although I have tried that too!). Plus, if you are looking for an item, but don’t have the money to pay full price, check out the listings and search for what you want in their search box. You might just find exactly what you want at the price you need.  🙂


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