Creative Stockpiling When Limited On Space – Laundry Room

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Creative Stockpiling When Limited On Space – Laundry Room

creative stockpilingI have a very good stockpile, but sometimes I have to do a little creative stockpiling when storing it. I do not have a basement or a garage, so I have had some very good ideas how to keep  my stockpile organized and together in the house without taking over and still being out of sight. If you need a few more ideas on creative stockpiling when limited on space, take a look at how we set up our grocery stockpile here. If you want to see how we got creative on storing HBA supplies, check out our solution here.

Back to the laundry room! Our laundry room is a decent size, washer on one side and dryer on the other side. Each had a cabinet above them. They were basically wasted space. If you read my first two posts about creative stockpiling, you will see that I hate wasted space. This cabinet was good size, but not functional. No shelves and just did not work for me. I apologize for the picture. My husband had already taken the cabinet down when I was gone before I could take a before picture, but you get the idea.


The solution I came up with was a shelving system. In the same amount of space, I now have 3 levels to store laundry supplies in instead of just one level.

Creative Stockpiling

I am very happy with how it turned out. I can keep all of my laundry supplies in one place instead of having them in different cabinets around the house. Everything has a home and stays organized. As for price, this was not an expensive project. My husband was able to get materials to do both sides just like this above washer and dryer for around $70. The whole project from going to Lowe’s to coming home and getting it done was about 3 hours.


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  1. Creative Stockpiling: Don’t limit yourself to one area to stock pile! I have a pretty big house with a dedicated stock pile room. Its a small room but has a freezer and a refrigerator/freezer and 2 shelves. I keep most of my food and ‘kitchen items’ in that stock room. My laundry room has a shelf system for the detergent & other items. My upstairs hall closet has all of our health & hygiene products like shampoo, body wash, shave gel, vitamins, etc. up there, not in the basement. I guess I like to spread out but I try to keep my stock piles functional to their areas.

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